Sacha Baron Cohen Will Reportedly Play Mephisto in Ghost Rider But It’s Another Concerning Update That Has Nicolas Cage Fans Rattled

Marvel Studios is reportedly looking for an A-lister to play Ghost Rider.

Sacha Baron Cohen Will Reportedly Play Mephisto in Ghost Rider But It's Another Concerning Update That Has Nicolas Cage Fans Rattled


  • Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly set to play Mephisto in MCU's upcoming 'Ghost Rider.'
  • The update concerning Nicholas Cage's unlikely return has rattled fans.
  • Marvel boss Kevin Feige is open to bring Ryan Gosling to the movie.
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While it was previously reported that Ghost Rider would return in a television series, new reports indicate that Marvel Studios is keen on taking a chance on the Spirit of Vengeance for a feature film, if not more. 

Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider

The Dictator and Grimsby star Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly set to play Mephisto in Ghost Rider but all things will not go as fans expected. A new report states that original Ghost Rider actor Nicolas Cage will not return to reprise his role.

New Ghost Rider Update Is Concerning For Fans

Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider

The return of Nicholas Cage is very unlikely as Marvel Studios plans to reboot the Ghost Rider franchise. Cage’s original Ghost Rider movies were not box office marvels and failed to impress the critics at the same time. Now, the reboot, as per recent reports, may star an A-lister actor. Ryan Gosling has previously shown interest in playing the titular character and Marvel boss Kevin Feige has all the good words for him. However, Marvel may have another plan for him as he was heavily rumored to play Nova.


“Hey, man, if Ryan wants to be Ghost Rider — what else? Who else?… Gosling’s unbelievable… Ryan’s amazing. I’d love to find a place for him in the MCU. He’s dressed up as Ken on Venice Beach and gets more press than a giant movie that’s coming out that weekend; it’s amazing,” Feige earlier told MTV News.

Now, Sacha Baron Cohen joining the film as Mephisto sounds enticing to fans but Marvel is on a hunt for another A-lister for the title role in the upcoming project. Earlier, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was in the mix for the title character and fans hailed the idea. However, Marvel’s hunt for the most sought-after actors for the role rattled the fans.

New Ghost Rider Update Flustered MCU Fans

Ghost Rider
MCU’s Ghost Rider update flustered fans

The Ghost Rider updates have always been flustering for MCU fans. Primarily, in regards to the casting, there has been a bit of a splash on the internet surrounding the project. Also, Marvel Studios has not been very reflective about it. But it’s understandable considering the studio’s age-old nature of surprising fans. The recent news has made the same impact posing the same question among several clusters of fans, who will play the Spirit of Vengeance?



Several fans are still rooting for Norman Reedus to play the titular character. Fans selected Charlie Hunnam and Keanu Reeves also exciting but at this stage, it is unclear which star Marvel will bring to the screen. Regardless, it would be enticing, and fans are waiting for the confirmation.


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