Sadie Sink’s Latest Photo Casts Doubt Over Fan-Favorite Max’s Return to Stranger Things Season 5 That Has Left Fans Concerned

Fans are worried that Sadie Sink's Max might not make it in season 5 of 'Stranger Things' after seeing her in London.

Sadie Sink’s Latest Photo Casts Doubt Over Fan-Favorite Max’s Return to Stranger Things Season 5 That Has Left Fans Concerned


  • Sadie Sink is set to return as Max in the final season of Netflix's 'Stranger Things'.
  • However, fans are concerned with her fate after seeing Sink watching the series' prequel play in London.
  • They are wondering why the actress is in London when season 5 is shooting in Atlanta.
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Sadie Sink’s Max has become a fan-favorite character in the world of Stranger Things since her introduction in the show’s second season. Season 3 saw Max’s brother Billy being the antagonist of the season and in season 4, Max dealt with the emotional turmoil after his death, leading to her being an easy target for Vecna in the process.

Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things
Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things

The fifth and final season of the show has started filming and there is also which is a play that serves as a prequel to the show. The play is now being performed in London and Sink paid a visit and met the cast of the play. Judging by the photos, fans are already concerned that Sink’s character might not make it in the fifth season.

Recent Photos of Sadie Sink Have Stranger Things Fans Concerned

Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things
Fans are concerned about Max’s fate in the final season

Sadie Sink and the whole cast of Stranger Things have begun shooting The final season of Stranger Things. The crew is currently shooting in Atlanta and The Duffer Brothers have posted photos of the cast on set. Things are picking up steam and the shoot will go full throttle without any interruptions.


Meanwhile, Stranger Things: The First Shadow is now performing in London and Sadie Sink seems to have watched the play and met the cast of the show. Netflix UK uploaded some photos of Sadie with the whole cast on Instagram. Fans, however, are concerned with the photos with many wondering why Sink is in London instead of shooting her series in Atlanta.

Many of them are concerned about the fate of Max in season 5 as one fan wrote “im worried WHY IS SADIE IN LONDONN”  Another wrote, “SADIE WHY ARE YOU IN LONDON???? I’m crying”. However, this doesn’t mean anything about her character’s fate and Sink may be getting some free time to watch the play. Max is expected to have a pivotal role in season 5 and fans should be excited about her return.

Sadie Sink Teases Extremely Emotional Final Season of Stranger Things

Season 4 left audiences with an exciting cliffhanger
Season 4 left audiences with an exciting cliffhanger

Sadie Sink will return as Max in the final season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The actress teased fans about what to expect from the season and revealed that it will be an extremely emotional one, both on screen and on set. Sink claimed that it would be an awful day on set when they finally wrapped the season.


The actress expressed her love and admiration for the whole cast and crew of the series. Although scary and sad, Sink believes that it is exciting to move on to other things and leave the series on a high note. She told Today,

“We know that it’s happening and that it’s the last season, so it’s going to be emotional I’m sure. It’s going to be awful. It’s going to be horrible. These kids, this entire cast and crew, it’s family. People say that all the time, but I genuinely mean it.

And to think that we have to say goodbye to that security and knowing that we’re going to be seeing each other for another season? “It’s scary and sad, but I think it’s exciting to kind of move on to the next chapter, I guess.”

The final season is currently shooting and is expected to be released sometime next year. Till then, fans, new and old, can catch up on the series up to the events of season 4 on Netflix.


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