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Samuel L. Jackson Beat Marvel’s Iron Man Star Robert Downey Jr. With $18.93 Billion Movie Earnings to Become Hollywood’s Biggest Action Hero

samuel l jackson and robert downey jr

Infamous for his performances as Nick Fury and Mace Windu, Samuel L. Jackson recently dethroned Robert Downey Jr as Hollywood’s biggest action star. Well, after a decade full of features in action movies, it’s no wonder that he gained this crown jewel in an already spectacular career. Featuring in some of the biggest action-oriented movies recently, such as Kingsman: The Secret Service, combined with the ones at the beginning of his career, he now stands at a staggering cumulative of $18.93 billion from his action movies alone.

Samuel L. Jackson, American actor
Samuel L. Jackson, American actor

However, the most notable ones among them are obviously his role as Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise and Nick Fury in the MCU. And with him returning as Nick Fury in the upcoming Secret Invasion, which he is also headlining, that amount is bound to only go up from here. 

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Samuel L. Jackson’s dazzling action-hero career

In a recent price comparison study conducted by a UK-based service called USwitch, Jackson came out on the top as the highest-grossing star in the action genre. This put him even ahead of the highest-paid Marvel actor, Robert Downey Jr. It seems his credentials keep reaching higher as he was even recently made part of an exclusive Marvel club. Basically, in his upcoming project Secret Invasion, he is listed as an executive producer which is a historic event all by itself, as before him, only four other Marvel actors were given such credits. 

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

This is another thing that the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr, can not boast of. Speaking on this in an interview, Jackson mentioned that even though the workload was immense, he couldn’t wait to get to work every day. Now, with his $18.93 billion action movie fortune, compared to Robert Downey Jr’s $10.45 billion, Zoe Saldana’s $8.37 billion, Elizabeth Olsen’s $5.73 billion, and Chris Evans’ $5.23 billion, it puts him at the top of the list. 

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Samuel L. Jackson’s future plans in Hollywood

The BAFTA winner once mentioned that he does not seem to hold the biggest honors and awards, such as the Oscars and so on in the same respect others tend to hold them. The reason behind this seems nothing more than the fact that “[It] doesn’t change your career trajectory that much… A lot of people have them and haven’t done much since.”

Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu
Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu

As such, he intends to keep playing the characters that personally appeal to him best. For example, one of them is his character of Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise, whose demise fans saw in Episode IIIJackson revealed that he once approached Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed a couple of episodes of The Mandalorian, with his wish to resurrect Windu. It might in fact be possible, as noted, “There’s a huge history of people with one hand returning in Star Wars.” 

Another character he is particularly fond of is the S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who does not seem to have any extravagant superpowers of his own but is in charge of others who do. He explained,

“I love Nick Fury. Of course. Come on… He’s a guy who has no superpowers, who’s in charge of people who have superpowers, and they let him be. That’s something special about him.”

He further added that it takes him back to his time of playing comic book characters like the Afro-Samurai, because “It means something to be part of a cultural canon that people revere and that they respect, in another way.” With Nick Fury termed as the main character in Secret Invasion, and him being credited as the executive producer, fans are hopeful that they will finally be able to see more of him in the future.

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They also expect that the show will shed some light on at least some of the mysteries surrounding the man even Tony Stark called the man whose secrets have secrets. 

Secret Invasion is expected to arrive on Disney+ on June 21st, 2023.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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