Instead of an Announcement About SBMM, Call of Duty have Instead Explained It… for Some Reason

Skill-based matchmaking isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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  • Call of Duty explains skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) keeping its commitment to players from last year.
  • The developers revealed the factors important in skill-based matchmaking and how they affect the mechanic.
  • The statement only explains matchmaking in multiplayer and information about the mechanics in other modes will be shared soon.
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Skill-Based Matchmaking or SBMM has been a long-running hot topic in the Call of Duty community. This matchmaking system is used to match players of similar skills against each other and players with low skills do not get matched against highly skilled players. However, some players deliberately lose to get matched against low-skilled players and this has been long debated in the community.


Activision had assured Call of Duty players that it would explain how things work in Skill-Based Matchmaking and how players are matched together. Although players expected a new announcement about the mechanic, Call of Duty has only explained it in a lengthy blog post.

Call of Duty Explains How Skill-Based Matchmaking Works

Call of Duty explains Skill-Based Matchmaking in multiplayer.
Call of Duty explains Skill-Based Matchmaking in multiplayer.

Activision explained about Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in an extensive blog post saying that it had committed to addressing this for players who want to know about the mechanic. The blog post shared in-depth details on how matchmaking works in multiplayer and added that the biggest priority for to provide “a fun experience” to the players.


The main matchmaking factors in multiplayer games have been revealed and they are Connection, Time to Match, Playlist Diversity, Recent maps/modes, Skill/Performance, Input Device, Platform, and Voice chat. Activision also stated that player performance is considered during matchmaking but is not a main factor however ping is considered to be of much importance.

It has also been emphasized that “matchmaking takes time” and when the wait time is excessively long players usually cancel the matchmaking and restart it but it does not help quick the process and is only counterproductive. Activision explained Skill’s role in the matchmaking process saying that it is determined by a player’s kills, deaths, wins, losses, and other metrics like mode selection and recent matches.

It also stated that skill is not only a factor while matchmaking but also when finding teammates. Moreover, skill also helps in player retention and a smaller player pool results in extra matchmaking time and weaker connections. This leads to low-skilled players quitting and only high-skilled players left in the matchmaking.


Activision also revealed that it will give out more information about Call of Duty matchmaking in the future including details about matchmaking in Ranked Play and Battle Royale. It also answered some frequently asked questions revealing that matchmaking doesn’t affect in-game elements, there are no bots in multiplayer, and more.

Fan Reactions to Activision’s Response to Skill-Based Matchmaking

Fans are not happy with Activision's statement instead of doing anything about it.
Fans are not happy with Activision’s statement instead of doing anything about it.

After Activision released the statement about SBMM, fans reacted to it and they did not seem happy. Players have wanted the SBMM to be ranked only and have also said that the mechanic makes it hard for them to enjoy the game while playing solo.


Players argued that Skill-Based Matchmaking does not provide an optimal gaming experience and it leads to them playing against highly-skilled players. Players have called the explanation from Activision “a waste of time” and that it just told players to deal with it.

Activision also said that it has run-tests by removing skill-based matchmaking and player retention is lower than expected, meaning that SBMM is not going anywhere for now. However, players are still hoping to see some improvements in the coming times. What are your thoughts about Skill-Based Matchmaking in Call of Duty? Let us know in the comment section below.

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