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Scariest Hollywood Movie Creatures That’ll Traumatize You For Life, Ranked

Scariest Hollywood Movie Creatures Thatll Traumatize You For Life Ranked

Like us, many of you must have a knack for horror movies and the scary creatures it introduces. However, while some open the door for creative thinking, others are just gruesome and make you feel scared to your bone. Here are some of the most frightening creatures that won’t let you have a sound sleep tonight.

CREATURES IN 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: It was released in 2007 and it movie features cold-blooded vampires. The plot revolves around the annually occurring Polar nights, which results in 30 days of continuous dark and thus the name. It works for the benefit of vampires who attack the town, making it a thirty days long survival fiesta.

Not just dark nights, but also vampire play field

LABYRINTH – HELPING HANDS: The movie centers around a girl who has to rescue her little brother Toby from Labyrinth’s alternate world. She faces dangerous creatures on her journey; however, the most creepy one is the wall of helping hands. They grab her and then turn into weird-looking faces to answer her.

Hands that come out of wall

CLOWN FROM ZOMBIELAND: The 2009 movie is about a boy surviving in the midst of one of the foulest creatures, the zombies. He meets strangers who tag along on the journey. Even though all zombies are frightening, there was one who most of us have not forgotten, the Clown Zombie.

Clown Zombie

CREATURES IN SLEEPWALKERS: Here, the protagonists are the sleepwalkers, a race of vampiric shapeshifting monsters with a cat-like face. They usually feed off of virgin girls. Even though they are equipped with immense power, they are scared of real cats and are hostile to them.

The sleepwalkers

ANACONDA: However, there is only one obvious creature in this movie, it is enough to make you grab your pillows. The story is about a group of people who make documentaries on tribes. They don’t know that their tour guide aims to hunt a real anaconda while driving the crew straight into its den.


THE BLOB: As the name suggests, we face a creature called the Blob. He is basically a bunch of goo that has come from outer space. With each human he eats, his size and power increases.


RESIDENT EVIL: This movie is about a mishap in a lab that conducts genetic experiments. When said lab is shut down due to an outbreak of a virus, it ends up not only creating zombies but setting loose a creature that is called the Licker.


INSIDIOUS: The name of this movie still horrifies many people. The plot revolves around a young boy who seems to be in a coma. On investigating, the family find out that the boy’s soul has been trapped in a different dimension of the dead. The demon who trapped him there intends to be the new occupant of the boy’s body.


THE 5TH WAVE: Waves of attacks follow after there is an alien invasion on the planet. The aliens are called ‘The Others,’ who intend to erase humankind to occupy Earth.

Watch The 5th Wave | Prime Video Creatures

SILENT HILL: This movie contains multiple creatures, but the most gruesome one being Pyramid Head. The monster Rose, the mother, and mercilessly kills the person who was trying to help the protagonists navigate their way.

Pyramid Head

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Bugs from another world start attacking humans. Each time the troops figure out a way to terminate them, a whole different and improved species takes over. One of the most dangerous ones was the gigantic beetle, who could spit fire and travel underground without getting noticed.

Gigantic beetle



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