“Scrap the show and turn it into a movie”: Tom Cruise’s Latest Deal With WB Has Left Fans Begging James Gunn to Cast Actor for 1 Role He Was Born to Play

Tom Cruise's new deal with Warner Bros led fans to want him as Green Lantern in DCU.

Tom Cruise’s Latest Deal With WB Has Left Fans Begging James Gunn to Cast Actor for 1 Role He Was Born to Play


  • Tom Cruise and Warner Bros has teamed up together to bring original and franchise films starting this year.
  • This led fans to urge James Gunn to hire him as Green Lantern in the DCU.
  • Given the success rate of his projects, casting him as a superhero would seemingly help the franchise to make the project a big-time success.
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Tom Cruise has left audiences spellbound throughout the years with his incredible action-thrillers. Running a successful franchise along with several different projects, he has become one of the bankable actors in Hollywood. Given that he has worked in all sorts of genres, many want to see the actor in the superhero genre.

Tom Cruise in a still from Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise in a still from Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol

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Now that the actor has signed a new strategic deal with Warner Bros, fans want the actor to play Green Lantern in the DCU. 


Fans Urge James Gunn to Cast Tom Cruise as Green Lantern in DCU

Green Lantern
Green Lantern

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Tom Cruise has already proven his acting potential with his death-defying action stunts and box-office hits whether it be the Top Gun series or his blockbuster Mission: Impossible franchise. However, his new deal with Warner Bros has opened a new door of opportunities for the actor, giving him potential access to the world of DCU. 

This has led fans to urge DC Studios Co-CEO, James Gunn to cast the former as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern. Fans took to X to express their excitement for Cruise’s possible entry into the DCU. Check out the tweets here. 


Given that DCU is going to have a soft reboot, many uncertainties are yet to be unveiled. While the DC bosses continue to drop updates on the upcoming projects, Green Lantern’s entry into the new DCU would surely level it all up.

Tom Cruise Teams Up With Warner Bros!

Tom Cruise has worked with Doug Liman in Edge of Tomorrow and Amerian Made
Tom Cruise

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Cruise has a record of successful films under his belt which is why he is one of the most sought actors for a studio. Recently, WB has announced their new partnership with the action star to produce and develop original and franchise films starting this year.


Warner Bros. CEOs, Michael De Luca & Pam Abdy announced their partnership with Cruise in the statement which follows: 

“We are thrilled to be working with Tom, an absolute legend in the film industry….We…look forward to bringing more of his genius to life on screen in the years ahead.”

This is not their first collaboration as he has already made 8 projects with the studio namely Edge of Tomorrow, Rock of Ages, The Last Samurai, Eyes Wide Shut, Interview with the Vampire, Risky BusinessThe Outsiders, and Magnolia.

While many would be concerned as to whether casting the action superstar would change Green Lantern’s trajectory given that the previous movie starring Ryan Reynolds turned out to be a disappointment, this seemingly won’t be the problem. Given that he has already starred in outstanding blockbusters like Mission: Impossible series, giving that project another try with Cruise in the lead would likely bring the magic. It is still early to guess what their new deal brings to the table. 


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