Selling This Extremely Rare Item in Diablo 4 Might Not Be the Best Idea for Now

Due to a recent PSA on the Diablo 4 forums, we now know to hoard our spare Uber Uniques as they may have a use soon.


  • According to the Diablo 4 forums, we could finally find a way to get rid of our useless Uber Uniques.
  • Gamers are not happy about the current state of the game's grind for gear.
  • We could receive an update on this new system very soon.
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Whether you have been playing Diablo 4 since day one or have only just picked up the game, there is one thing that many gamers are grinding for, and that is Uber Uniques. These special items are only available to the top players, as you are required to defeat what are known as Uber bosses to acquire them.


What makes this such a challenge is the fact that Uber bosses can be incredibly tough and require a large amount of grinding to earn the resources to even attempt them. However, for those who have managed to take on these Uber bosses and earn their coveted Uber Uniques, then good news: you may soon have a use for ones you don’t use.

According to a PSA From a Diablo 4 Community Manager, We Could Be Getting a New System in the Game.

Diablo 4 could be getting a new system that helps players get rid of their Uber Uniques.
Diablo 4 could be getting a new system that helps players get rid of their Uber Uniques.

Recently, there has been a PSA on the Diablo 4 forums that have been posted by PezRadar, one of the game community managers, as they explain that if any players currently have any Uber Uniques in their stash or in their backpack, then it would be in their best interest to keep hold of them.


Currently, there is no information regarding this new system at the time of writing; all we know is that the design team for Diablo 4 is currently working on this new system and that this PSA is mainly being used to alert the gaming community that this system is being created and to tell players to hoard their Uber Uniques from now on.

Whether this is a new system in terms of acquiring the cosmetic looks for each of these Uber Uniques without having to salvage them or providing players with the option to extract the Uber Unique’s aspect is beyond our knowledge, but many gamers are already looking forward to this new system, whatever it may be.

Along with being excited, gamers are also nervous regarding this new system, as they feel that it could be entirely useless as Uber Uniques are incredibly rare, especially for those who may not be able to grind out the game. But if this PSA is to be believed, there is a lot of potential coming soon.


The Uber Uniques Should be held onto for now

Gamers aren't too happy with the current way to acquire Uber Uniques.
Gamers aren’t too happy with the current way to acquire Uber Uniques.

At the moment, there are many different forums filling up with both support and criticism from the gaming community as they are discussing the benefits and issues that are currently taking place within the Uber Unique grind, and there are a few.

Some players have mentioned that the overall grind itself is already quite demanding, as it requires players to farm out certain objectives to acquire a specific reward, which they then have to craft into a certain object. After that, you need to go to a certain location, defeat a boss, and hope to the RNG gods that you get what you want.

If you are one of those unfortunate players who do not get that Uber Unique, you will sadly have to restart your grind all over again, or if you are lucky enough to get an Uber Unique, it may not be the best roll that you can possibly get, and for many players, this can be quite an issue.


These aren’t the only issues with Uber Uniques, as there is also the possibility that they can be completely worthless for the character that you are currently working to gear up. If you are a sorcerer focusing on a fire build and getting an ice staff, it can be quite demoralizing and will ultimately knock your confidence in the game.

Even though there are many gamers who aren’t happy with this method of earning gear, there are those who support it, as they say, that getting some of the best gear in the game should take time and effort, and it shows dedication, but for 90% of the gaming community, this is time they do not have.

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