Shadow of the Erdtree Theory Will Make You Lose Faith in All Those Hours You Wasted on Elden Ring if True

This new theory will easily invalidate any amount of hours you have in Hidetaka Miyazaki's Elden Ring.

elden ring shadow of the erdtree


  • Due to the way Elden Ring is, the community is able to spew out a new nerve-wrecking theory nearly every single day.
  • A recent speculation states how the Great Tree seen in The Land of Shadow is the real Erdtree.
  • It further states how the Erdtree in The Lands Between is a fake and an "object of faith".
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While it is considered to be a major success, one of the flaws of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Elden Ring is how a new theory surfaces every single day within the community, often even invalidating everything you have experienced in the game so far. Something similar has happened once again, as recent speculation makes you wonder if anything’s even real anymore

A still from Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree
Players of FromSoftware have a habit of theorizing anything and everything

As players would already know, The Erdtree is the home to the Elden Beast as well as Queen Marika, also recognized as Radagon, her alter-identity. It is also the end destination of our tarnished character’s journey to eventually becoming the Elden lord in the game. However, the aforementioned theory takes it a step further by stating how this isn’t the real erdtree, to begin with.

Nothing’s Real Anymore; Did the Player Experience A Fake Erdtree In Elden Ring?

Anybody who has played FromSoftware games would have the habit of questioning anything and everything by now. This habit, as expected, has carried onto the players of Elden Ring as well, just like how this user on Reddit has put forward a theory, alleging how the Erdtree the player witnesses in The Lands Between is just an “object of faith“.


The user states how the official gameplay trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree, the upcoming DLC of the game showcases a lot of of crucible imagery, bringing back the elements from the past including worship of beasts and horns and other similar creatures that are not accepted under the golden order now. They state how the great tree seen in The Land of Shadow, the undiscovered realm of the coming extension, is the real Erdtree, being where Queen Marika first arose to her position as the leader.

Shadow of the Erdtree Key Art
User speculates the great tree in The Land of Shadow is the real Erdtree

Ultimately, the great tree present in The Land of Shadow, presumed to be the real Erdtree, was concealed by Marika when she was in unison with Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. It will now be the player’s job to explore the undiscovered realm, guided by Miquella, the empyrean twin.


How The Empyrean Twin Miquella Is Going To Play A Huge Role In The Coming DLC

In the main game, Hidetaka Miyazaki had the player directed towards the Mohgwyn’s Palace, where the empyrean twin, born to Queen Marika, lies restrained in a cocoon. Further hints reveal how he was kidnapped by the Lord of Blood while he was resting in the Haligtree, attempting to overcome his curse of eternal childhood.

Miquella in a still from Elden Ring
Miquella in a still from Elden Ring

It has been further disclosed how Miquella will be the one who will be guiding our tarnished character throughout his journey in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and potentially his last adventure too, as Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed in another interview how it will be the first and only DLC the game will be getting.


Elden Ring is available for purchase on Steam.

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