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Shang-Chi: 5 MCU Heroes Shang-Chi Could Team Up With In The Sequel

Many of us feel Avengers: Endgame was the end of an era with two of the main Avengers bidding goodbye to all of us. However, MCU in its Phase 4 has introduced us to some new heroes who are ready to win our hearts. Not like the Avengers, but in their own ways! One such hero is Shang-Chi. The hero has shown that he has a lot to offer and will do so in the future with his sequel planned. We see him accompanied by Katy Chen as his sidekick, but we would love to see him team up with some other MCU heroes. Who? Check it out!

1. The Hulk

The Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo Shang-Chi
The Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo

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Remember Shang-Chi’s mid-credit scene? He met Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel as holograms, thanks to Wong. It would be lovely to see Shang-Chi team up with the Hulk in the sequel. The Hulk undoubtedly is a great hero, whose powers have been used by the Avengers time and again. Similarly, he could help Shang-Chi too. Moreover, Shang-Chi is a trained martial artist who might know a few pressure points to calm Hulk down, unlike the Avengers who had trouble controlling the green monster when it spiraled out of control.

2. Spider-Man

Tom Holland as Spider-Man Shang-Chi
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Both of them share a few common things between them. They both had a traumatic childhood, both are self-made heroes, and they both have a great sense of humor. If they both team up, it’ll be wonderful to see them fight the enemies! Having a few things in common might help them connect better.

3. Sam Wilson

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson a.k.a new Captain America
Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson a.k.a new Captain America

The new Captain America, Sam Wilson, is definitely one of the best partners one could ask for! No wonder why Steve Rogers chose him back in those days to help him. Obviously, because he saw something in him! Seeing Sam Wilson and Shang-Chi team up will be blissful. Sam is good with both hand-to-hand fighting and using gadgets. Similarly, we have Shang-Chi who is a pro at martial arts and has his rings. Sounds like a perfect combo to us!

4. Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel herself is a new addition to the MCU. However, her history dates way back making her one of the oldest Avengers. So, she can help Shangi-Chi (who is a newbie) with some wisdom of hers! They will surely make a good team.

5. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch
Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch

By now it is crystal clear how important Doctor Strange is as a character for the MCU. The Sorceror Supreme is in charge of many things now and having new additions to the team won’t harm, doesn’t it? In fact, in Shang-Chi’s mid-credit scene we see Wong showing up. If Wong’s there, Doctor Strange will show up too. It’ll be interesting to see Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange team up. Shang-Chi might understand Doctor Strange differently as he had a mystical background. So, the chemistry between the two might be great than usual!