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“She brings a lot of credibility to the JSA”: Black Adam Editor Teases Amanda Waller’s Enormous Role, Hints She Will Have Major Role in Future Movies

Amanda Waller jsa

Audiences were first introduced to Amanda Waller all the way back in 2016’s Suicide Squad as the head of a secret government agency that captures and contains metahumans deemed to be hazardous to the good of the world. She was depicted as a distrustful and dictatorial lady who only knew how to get the job done through leverage, with her ruthlessness being both terrifying and necessary in her line of work. Amanda Waller’s last sighting was in 2021 The Suicide Squad, where she was back at it again, getting a job done by rounding up metahumans and creating a team that is expendable.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

But after the events of the film, it seemed like she just kind of vanished from the scene, with no news about her future whatsoever.

Fortunately, we now have confirmation from Black Adam editor Mike Sale that Amanda Waller’s role in the DC films is far from over, and the next appearance can also be alongside the Justice Society of America.

Amanda Waller And The DCEU Connection

One of the editors of the recently released Black Adam, Mike Sale sat down with ScreenRant to talk about the potential future of the films and what can be expected from the newly introduced anti-hero of the DCEU. During this time, Sale revealed that Black Adam has a bright future among all the various projects that DC is currently working on. During this, he was also asked about Amanda Waller’s return to the DC Films big screen in Black Adam after the events of Peacemaker.

Amanda Waller in Black Adam trailer
Amanda Waller in Black Adam

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With this question, Sale wanted to answer the future of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in the DCEU. He stated that the connections set in the season finale of Peacemaker and the knowledge of Task Force X becoming public knowledge, Waller had also started working with the Justice Society of America to ensure world safety from supernatural threats. This in turn, automatically makes her a pivotal character in the larger universe of DC Films.

“Look, she’s amazing. Viola Davis is incredible. People love her. We love her. So, having her in the movie was fantastic. The first time we went to a screening, and she came on screen, the place went crazy. It was important. because Black Adam is a new thing, it’s not like the big IP-type character that everybody knows about. We did want it to be unique and a new thing, but it was also important to make sure it felt connected to Shazam. It felt connected to DC. She brings so much credibility. She brings a lot of credibility to the JSA because when it’s her telling them to go, even though you don’t know everything about them, you’re like, “Okay, these people must be legit.”

With the new management of James Gunn and Peter Safran already taking seats as co-CEOs of DC Films, we can expect this news with certainty. Black Adam is one of the films that have the potential to change the scenery of the DCEU, and if Amanda Waller is a part of it now, then she will remain a part of many more projects to come.

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Where To Expect Amanda Waller Next?

Amanda Waller might stir up trouble for DCUs Metahumans
Amanda Waller might stir up trouble for DCUs Metahumans

After the events of Black Adam, it is unclear where the next big project of DC Films is headed. With the news of The Flash film’s release now being unclear due to Ezra Miller’s menagerie of controversies, and the new management’s decisions which are yet to be disclosed, it’s anyone’s guess about the future of the DCEU. Although, it’s not completely unknown as we have confirmed the news with Henry Cavill’s Superman return, and Ben Affleck being brought back as Batman with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom being just around the corner, the hope still remains for Waller to make an appearance somewhere in the DCEU again.

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Black Adam, is now in cinemas.

Source: ScreenRant

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