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She-Hulk vs Avatar 2: Which Was a More Disappointing Trailer

We all are familiar with The Incredible Hulk, which was played by Edward Norton. Marc Ruffalo has taken over as Bruce Banner for eight, but he still didn’t take the solo spotlight again. Instead of this, everything changes this year with She-Hulk.

She hulk Attorney at Law
She hulk Attorney at Law

Marvel Studios has introduced many CGI characters over the year But this is the first motion-capture character that will take the leading role on Disney+.

She-Hulk vs Avatar 2 Trailer Comparison

Fans are disappointed on She-Hulk trailer
Fans are disappointed with the She-Hulk trailer

As reports reveal, the first full look at She-Hulk has just debuted. And not every fan is happy with the CGI. “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” has been on every social media controversy due to discussion over the quality of the CGI present in the footage. For example, TikTok creator Andrews Visual compared the effects to a video game cutscene placed into live-action:

“Marvel is a multi-billion dollar franchise, I don’t care that She-Hulk is a TV show, it has to look better than that, it looked like a video game cutscene placed into live-action. So many Netflix/Amazon shows WAY better CGI and VFX. I don’t see an excuse. Hope it improves tbh.”

Writer Christopher Marc talked about “unfinished and rubbery” CGI. Taking down any budgetary reasons by comparing to the Star Wars Disney+ series:

Fandomwire Video

“She-Hulk as a show looks amazingly fun but the actual CGI looks unfinished and rubbery. I’m aware it is TV but the STAR WARS stuff manages, and they have the budgets to adjust.”

Avatar 2, James Cameron's sequel
Avatar 2, James Cameron’s sequel

On the other hand, if we talk about, Avatar 2 it pushed the boundaries of visual effects, including highlighted 3D technology. Audiences over social media often compared this to Marvel, DC, or Star Wars. In terms of franchises, biased fans were much more interested. All of this led to a thriving idea that Avatar 2 could be a big disappointment. And no one was interested in it or any of James Cameron’s other sequels.

Recent reports reflected that Avatar 2’s trailer banged all of Disney’s Star Wars movies. and numerous other high-profile blockbusters in the first 24 hours after release! This proves there is tremendous interest in seeing what James Cameron has done. Regardless of what the haters say. In my opinion, Avatar 2 trailer is better than She-Hulk if we compare the reports. What is your opinion?

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Written by Shreeparna Das