Why James Cameron Took So Long To Make Avatar 2

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The Avatar sequel trailer has finally been dropped after years of waiting! Fans have been patiently waiting years for the long-awaited sequel and its details.


The film will be officially released on December 16th, 2022. Though, this is still unknown if the movie would have a theatrical presence or would be available on any OTT platform.

Avatar 2
Avatar: The Way of Water

The Avatar was the highest-grossing film until Avengers: Endgame was released. Holding the throne for so long, its sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water finally came up as there has been a series of delays due to various reasons.


James Cameron, the director of Avatar, said that he is worried that the Avatar sequels might not perform well even though Avatar 2 has already finished filming.

Why did Avatar 2 take so long?

Avatar 2
Avatar 2 Trailer Released in Theatres

With the huge success of Avatar, James Cameron announced that it will be having two sequels to be released in 2014 and 2015 but in 2012, but the actual production didn’t start which was confirmed by the film’s producer, Jon Landau, which resulted in pushing back the release date.

In late 2013, the New Zealand government confirmed that three Avatar movies will be shot in their country. This made the movie highly unlikely that it will be released in 2014. Fox even revealed that the scriptwriting had just started.


Cameron revealed that the three sequel films of Avatar were being written simultaneously to keep everyone in the production team on track. In April 2016, the release date was pushed back again and there would now be four sequels to Avatar. The first of the four was scheduled in December 2018, and the following for 2020, 2022, and 2023 respectively but Cameron said that 2018 is not going to happen.

Fox finally unveiled the release dates for the films claiming that to be absolute and unmovable. Yet the movie was pushed once again because Fox was taken over by Disney in March 2019. In addition to that, the pandemic changed the whole game for 2020.

Why would Avatar sequels flop?

A scene from the Avatar: The Way of Water

 In 2009, Avatar was hyped up and skyrocketed because of the 3D concept which was a rather new thing. With Avatar 2 taking a long break, fans are assuming that Avatar 2 might just be another billion-dollar sequel which would not have a stronger impact than that of the first film.


Another reason is that Avatar 2 is coming back after the 12-year interval which has strongly affected the market. This jump will definitely play a significant factor in the success of the sequels.

Avatar 2 might not be able to create its own fan base as it will be dealing with big organizations like Marvel and DC.

Cameron, however, said that he’s going to try to pull it off whatsoever challenges lie in his path. Having Disney on his side, Avatar still stands a chance to reach the top.


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