Smart Hulk Would Not Have Been This Messy If Russo Brothers Hadn’t Ignored 1 Crucial Scene With Mark Ruffalo

Smart Hulk could have gotten a better introduction had this crucial scene been taken into consideration.

Smart Hulk and Thanos in Soul World


  • In Avengers: Endgame, Smart Hulk's emergence was explained in dialogue, not shown, leaving fans confused and unsatisfied.
  • A concept scene had Banner meeting Hulk in the Soul World after snapping his fingers, showing their emotional connection and agreement, which would have better explained their merging.
  • Fans are still disappointed with Smart Hulk's introduction, feeling the Russo Brothers missed an opportunity to provide a clearer, more impactful transformation.
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In Marvel Comics, the Hulk has had a ton of variants ranging from the fiercest one who can destroy universes to the smart one who thinks rationally and decides to merge with Bruce Banner on an agreeable settlement, as was seen in Avengers: Endgame. However, bringing them out to live-action isn’t the easiest of tasks, and even Smart Hulk garnered some negative publicity.

Hulk in the comics. | Credit: Marvel Comics.
Hulk in the comics. | Credit: Marvel Comics.

This negative publicity started from the fact that the way Banner was directly shown as the result of his getting merged with his angry alter-ego to become the Smart giant in green instead of showing just how this tremendous transformation took place. That said, had the Russo Brothers not ignored one crucial scene with Mark Ruffalo, this new transition would have arguably been a lot less messy.

One Mark Ruffalo Scene Could Have Made Smart Hulk Fit Better

Among all the plot twists shown in Avengers: Endgame, one of the most unexpected ones was seeing Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner merged with his angrier big green giant alter-ego to result in the Smart Hulk. And the way he was displayed wasn’t disappointing either.


But what actually left this change to be a messy one was the lack of an explanation behind this transformation.

The smart version of the fan-favorite Doc Green in Endgame. | Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
The smart version of Doc Green in Endgame. | Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

As fans already know, in the movie, Banner explains how he just started looking at his alter-ego as a cure instead of as a disease and then spent 18 months in the Gamma lab trying to “put the brains and the brawns together,” eventually resulting in this smart merged version of the two.

However, what went wrong here is the fact that they didn’t show this transition but only had Banner explaining it in mere words. Which was, needless to say, not good.


That said, this wasn’t the only option or way through which the Russo Brothers could bring about this new variant of his. Why? Because there was a deleted concept for Endgame that could have explained it all without making it messy.

As shared by @TheGeekyCast on X, this concept was when Ruffalo’s character snaps his fingers to bring everyone back and enters the Soul World where Banner and his alter-ego come face to face.


Had they included this, it could have shown Bruce Banner and the Hulk finally seeing each other in a capturing moment showing humanity between the two, before settling down on reasonable terms to presumably turn into the smart version of the green giant seen in Endgame.

Though it wouldn’t have properly displayed what Banner explained through his words, it still would have shown that vulnerable moment the two connected, which would have been more than enough.

However, as was already seen in the movie, this concept never came to light and was pushed down only in the developmental stage. That being said, fans still express disappointment over this very key feature the 2019 masterpiece failed to adapt.


Fans are Still Disappointed with How Smart Hulk was Brought About

Smart Doc Green in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. | Credit: Disney+.
Smart Doc Green in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. | Credit: Disney+.

Although it has been years since the Smart Hulk was originally introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans still can’t express disappointment enough about how his introduction in the saga should have been, with a proper depiction of the transformation or at least including this concept.

Here are some of their frustrated reactions on the same on X:




All of this being said, not showing the transformation stage or the way that Bruce Banner and his brutal alter-ego merged is really one of the biggest mistakes the Russo Brothers made while adapting the Hulk’s arc in Avengers: Endgame.

Now what’s remaining to be seen is how Marvel decides to cope with this mistake.


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