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Snyder Fans Want Ben Affleck in Justice League 2 after Batman Star Announces Exit from James Gunn’s DCU: ‘Zack Snyder directed the best Batman scene of all time’

Snyder Fans Want Ben Affleck in Justice League 2 after Batman Star Announces Exit from James Gunn's DCU: 'Zack Snyder directed the best Batman scene of all time'

At this point, James Gunn should probably just take the loss and move on with the way DC fans are still rooting for Zack Snyder and worshipping his work from years back.

Back in 2017, Snyder had to step down from the director’s chair halfway through the production of WB’s Justice League due to a family tragedy. Ever since then, it has been a storm of entreaties from fans as they begged him to return to the DCEU which felt utterly forlorn without him. Not to mention, even the actors themselves couldn’t move past the award-winning filmmaker’s remarkable direction and his awe-inspiring vision.

Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder
Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

And Snyder’s absence is felt now more than ever with the Peacemaker director turning the entire superhero franchise upside down in the name of refurbishing it to create a new DCU.

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Snyder Fans Reminisce About the “Best Batman Scene of All Time”

A Twitter user recently posted the iconic clip from Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where Ben Affleck‘s Caped Crusader rescued Lauren Cohen’s Martha Kent, pointing out how Snyder, 57, directed the most epic Batman scene if there ever was one.

While DC fans would kill to see Affleck back on screens as the Dark Knight, the Justice League star has unfortunately enough, already made it conspicuous that he’s “not interested” in the James Gunn DCU.

In his latest interview with THR, Affleck, 50, also mentioned how he had a gala time working with Snyder during Dawn of Justice and The Snyder Cut. But somewhere along the line, especially after the Army of the Dead director left, the content started to get more “repetitive” and “less interesting” to Affleck.

Ben Affleck as Batman

Besides the fact that 2017’s Justice League had been a pitiful nightmare under Joss Whedon’s guidance, or lack thereof, the Argo star is simply unconvinced when it comes to associating himself with such “creatively unsatisfying” work again. And if DC Studios’ present condition is any indication of its future, the franchise is likely to come apart at its seams with the way the audience is reacting to Gunn’s haphazard changes and controversial decisions. So, Affleck is probably smart to keep himself at arm’s length from whatever chaos is going to unfurl next.

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DC Fans Sing High Praise of Zack Snyder And Ben Affleck

6 reasons why BvM is great
Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman in Dawn Of Justice

Snyder’s Dawn of Justice wasn’t just a creative success that got etched into the audience’s hearts for all time to come, the 2016 film was also a massive box office hit, grossing a whopping figure of about $880 million worldwide. They really don’t make movies like these anymore, do they? Definitely not on Gunn’s watch they don’t. That’s certainly what fans seem to be believing these days.

Here’s how fans are reacting to the iconic Batman scene from Dawn of Justice:

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can be streamed on HBO Max.

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