Sophie Turner Refused To Have “the Talk” With Her Mother at 15 After Spending Most of Her Childhood on Game of Thrones

Turner found joy and unforgettable experiences while working on the show.

sophie turner refused to have “the talk” with her mother at 15 after spending most of her childhood on game of thrones


  • Sophie Turner gained worldwide acclaim at a young age for her acting skills in the TV series Game of Thrones.
  • She credits the show for allowing her to refuse a sex education talk with her parents at the age of 15.
  • Turner's character on the show, Sansa Stark, exposed her to mature themes and explicit content.
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Sophie Turner has been one of the few actresses who have earned worldwide acclamation at a very young age in the entertainment industry for their spectacular acting skills. Making her professional acting debut in Hollywood through the superhit book-based television series Game of Thrones at just the age of 13 earned her the breakthrough and fame she required to launch her acting career in the industry.

Sophie Turner (via @sophiet | Instagram)
Sophie Turner (via @sophiet | Instagram)

But fame and acclamation weren’t the only things that Game of Thrones gifted her with. Spending most of her childhood on the sets of the blockbuster series also allowed her to refuse to have the ‘s-x talk’ with her mother at the age of 15!

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Sophie Turner Felt She Didn’t Need S-x Education Thanks To Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner in a still from Game of Thrones
Sophie Turner in a still from Game of Thrones

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Sophie Turner played the character of Sansa Stark on the highly acclaimed R-rated series Game of Thrones. Thus, she was quite knowledgeable at a very young age when it came to a topic like ‘s-x education’.

Appearing on an episode of the CONAN on TBS show with the Game of Thrones cast back in 2015, the actress was asked if she found it difficult to grow up that quickly with everything around her happening so fast since she had been on the show for so long. To this, Turned replied:


“Well, yes. I mean, my parents sat me down when I was, like, 15, and they were like, ‘Think it’s time to talk about the birds and the bees!’ And I was like, ‘I’m on Game of Thrones! [Laughs] I know everything there is to know and more. Like, I don’t think I need any education there. I got all sussed out.”

Continuing, she added how even the first episode of the series holds some R-rated content because of the n-dity and gory themes.

“In the first episode, I mean, Tyrion and Ros, they’re just going at it. Do you remember that? He pops his head up, and we’re all like, ‘Wow.’ [Laughs]”

Since Game of Thrones is already quite renowned for its R-rated content which includes extremely graphic s-xual n-dity and gory themes, it seems rather understandable why Sophie Turner refused to have ‘the talk’ with her parents at fifteen!

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Why Maisie Williams Was Beyond Happy To Go To Croatia Without Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams in a still from Game of Thrones
Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams in a still from Game of Thrones

During the same episode of the CONAN on TBS show, another Game of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams shared her tearful story of how Sophie Turner used to treat her on the sets of the series since Williams had to mostly shoot in miserably cold conditions while the rest of the cast went on to Croatia to enjoy themselves.

“The whole crew – including Sophie [Turner] and a number of other cast members – would disappear for, like, six weeks. And then come back like, ‘Yeah, we had a really amazing time in Croatia. It was so much fun. And Sophie would show me all the videos, like, ‘Oh, we were all just playing in the ocean.’ And it was like really, like really really mean, actually. It hurt me.”

Continuing, she let out why she was beyond happy and didn’t feel even an ounce of sympathy for Turner when she was finally allowed to go to Croatia but Turner wasn’t.

“So, when I was told that this year I was going to Croatia and Sophie wasn’t, I was totally thrilled. And there was not a single ounce of my body that felt bad at all. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna have an amazing time in Croatia–WITHOUT YOU!’”

Turns out as educating as it was on the topic of ‘the birds and the bees’, Game of Thrones also served as the perfect platform for Sophie Turner to have some of the best moments of her life!


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