“Venom wants to kill Spider-Man”: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Venom Promised to be a Return to Form for Villain

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Spider-Man 2 has to be one of this year’s hotly anticipated games, with fans desperate for October to roll around so they can get their hands on it. And with the PlayStation panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we had some interesting reveals about the upcoming title.


And it looks one of our favourite anti-heroes will be going back to his source material with this well known hatred of a certain wall-crawler. Marvel Games Vice President and Creative Director Bill Rosemann had this to say about Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game;

“He doesn’t want to rob banks, he doesn’t want to take over the world. Venom want to kill Spider-Man”. 

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What do fans make of Venom in upcoming Spider-Man 2 game?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Who could be taking over the symbiote from Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2?

Fans of the franchise have certainly made their views heard off the back of these comments and on a recent Reddit thread;

“Might not be Eddie, but those are some classic Venom motivations”.

“Finally we’re getting actual venom”.

With one fan speculating at what we can expect during gameplay;

“Calling it now, there will be moments of just swinging through the city and out of nowhere you get pounced on by Venom. No Spidey-sense to catch it, just a full on almost jump scare moment”.

So whilst we know that Venom will portray another antagonist in the upcoming game, what we don’t know is who the symbiote is attached to. We know that it won’t be Eddie Brock who will be paired with the alien entity. So who could we see?

Spider-Man 2
The Lethal Protector is here but who’s inside the suit?

Given that the symbiote naturally enhances a person feelings of hatred, it must be someone who bears a grudge against Peter Parker. We can speculate on this a little given the trailer which dropped at SDCC. At the start of the trailer Harry Osborn talks about ‘healing the world’, later on in the trailer we then see Harry talking with his father Norman Osborn and the symbiote in a containment cell in the background. What follows is Venom stating ‘We’re going to heal the world’. So this pretty much points to the fact that Harry Osborn will be the new Venom, or does it?

Again, fans were quick to speculate;

“If its Harry maybe its a TASM2 situation where he thinks spider-man can cure him but peter cant give up his identity so Harry hates spider-man for not helping him.”

“I still think Mac Gargan could be the final Venom in the third act of the game. He has an unwavering hatred towards spider-man, and the spider logo looks very similar to when Mac was on the Thunderbolts”.

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What’s your thoughts on the character of Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game? And who do you think has paired with the symbiote to become Venom? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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