Spider-Man 4 Reportedly Brings Back Michael Mando in All-New Comic Accurate Scorpion Suit

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Spider-Man 4 is currently one of the most hotly anticipated superhero films, with rumors about the MCU project reportedly being in the works. And with Tom Holland said to be taking the lead as the wall-crawler in the movie, the Marvel fandom is all the more excited. But that’s not the only reason because apart from that, the fourth film is apparently set to bring a lot of characters onto the screen, one of them being the supervillain Scorpion.

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Michael Mando is reportedly going to return to Spider-Man 4 as MacDonald “Mac” Gargan, more popularly known by his alias, Scorpion, and that too in a comic-accurate outfit that will do justice to the Scorpion suit occurring in Marvel comics.

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Michael Mando is Reportedly Returning as Scorpion in Spider-Man 4

Tom Holland‘s first solo film as Spidey was the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming, wherein Michael Keaton‘s Adrian Toomes, aka, Vulture was seen to be the central antagonist going against the superhero.

However, Homecoming also introduced Mac Gargan, aka Scorpion, yet another villain praying for the downfall of the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, the character of which was portrayed by the Better Call Saul star Michael Mando.

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Michael Mando as Mac Gargan in Spider-Man: Homecoming

In the Jon Watts movie, Mando’s Gargan struck a deal with Vulture and was just on the verge of buying some deadly Chitauri weapons when Holland’s Spider-Man caught him off guard in a surprise attack so as to stop the criminal. And when the latter’s efforts proved to be fruitful, Gargan, albeit left with serious injuries, was nevertheless arrested by the FBI and put into jail. An agitated and incarcerated Gargan thus vowed to seek revenge on the superhero.

Unfortunately enough, fans never got to see Mando as the sociopathic criminal on the screens again and people were especially eager to see him in his true supervillain form as Scorpion. But their wishes might just come true as sources claim that not only will the Canadian actor serve as a major antagonist in Spider-Man 4, but he will also reprise his role in a “comic accurate Scorpion suit.” 

How Scorpion Could be the Supervillain in Spider-Man 4

In Homecoming, Gargan was on board the Staten Island Ferry when he tried to buy the alien tech from Toomes. So, when Spider-Man ambushed them in an attempt to stop them, he not only rendered all of Gargan’s allies defenseless after webbing them up but Gargan was later thrown off the ferry when Vulture attacked Spider-Man.


The Coast Guard then saved the helpless thief from drowning, only for him to be imprisoned by the FBI. Naturally, Gargan was royally infuriated with Spidey because after all, he was rotting in jail due to the latter’s heroic efforts to stop him from buying the dangerous weapons. So, Gargan swore that he would take his revenge against the superhero one day, and even revealed that he had certain “friends” outside of prison who were just as eager to end Spider-Man.

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Scorpion in the comics
Scorpion in the comics

Considering how MCU never pushed this storyline forward past Homecoming, Spider-Man 4 could very well see Scorpion return to the big screen all suited up in his green, villainous armor with his tail having the deadly spike which is fatal to its opponent, to fulfill his fantasies of retribution, thereby going against Holland’s Spider-Man.


However, the said possibility of Mando’s Scorpion appearing in Spider-Man 4 is a mere rumor and hasn’t been verified yet. So, nothing can be said for certain as of right now.

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