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Spider-Man: Secret Powers He Rarely Uses

Packed with a commendable array of superpowers, Spider-Man packs quite a punch. There are several facts about is powers Marvel would not want you to know.

Superhuman Metabolism

Spider-Man’s body is immune to drugs and sedatives. People have tried and failed. In Kraven‘s Last Hunt, Kraven pumped Parker’s body with a dose of tranquilizers that could kill half a dozen elephants. Kraven then buried the body, thinking the world has now seen the end of Spider-Man. Spider-Man dug himself out of the grave two weeks later, his body having survived the tranquilizer dosage.

Acid Spit

The power to spit acid is an ability locked within Spider-Man’s beastly form – the Man-Spider. The Man-Spider had eight limbs and extreme strength. Spider-Man first unlocked the Man-Spider form after visiting Savage Land. While fighting the Queen, she made Spider-Man revert back to this primal form. The acid spitting ability Man-Spider has is very lethal and potent. It can melt down metal surfaces in seconds.

Burn Enemies Via Touch

The micro tendrils that extend out of Parker’s hands allow him to stick to any surface. But they have one more function, something Peter Parker’s clone was able to figure out first. The Spider-Man clone Kaine found a novel use of his sticky fingers. He could use it to burn or even tear the flesh off of his enemies. Since Kaine was a literal clone of Spider-Man, Parker realized he too had the ability in him. That’s a great torture technique that could be used during interrogations.


Marvel even gave Spider-Man powers that had nothing to do with a spider. Retractable stingers are not found in any species of the arachnid. But The Other arc gave Peter a pair any way. The stingers looked like knives that projected out of each of Parker’s hands. The Stingers came very late. It was triggered by Spider-Man feeling a sense of intense fear and dread. He was fighting Morlun at the time. Morlun was almost about to kill Mary Jane Watson.

Night Vision

The Spider that bit Spider-Man was revealed to a grander plan by fate. Parker had been pushed into the realm of the arcane and magic. Peter Parker developed the ability of enhanced vision ever since he became Spider-Man. He never needed glasses after the Spider-Bite. But in another arc, it was revealed Spider-Man can see crystal clear in the dark. Spider-Man’s bio-night vision system puts everything under a green tinge like military goggles.

Dimensional Transportation

After the events of Spider-Verse, a whole new can of worms was opened. Spider-Man was revealed to be one of infinite Spider-Totems. Spider-Totems are people with Spider-like powers that are spread all across the Multi-Verse. Every reality and plane of existence has a Spider-Totem. The Spider-men of the Multi-Verse are connected mystically via an interdimensional connecting force called The Web. By accessing The Web, Spider-Man can travel between dimensions.

Communicate With & Control Arachnids

The Other has had a very profound impact on Spider-Man’s career as a superhero. Peter Parker developed many abilities after this particular story arc. One of the abilities was the power to talk to and control spiders. When the villainess known as the Queen attacked New York City with an army of mutant spiders, Peter literally sat down with them and had a heart to heart. He managed to dissuade the Spider Army from doing the Queen’s bidding.


Spider-Man’s most unique ability is his Spidey-Sense. This all encompassing sixth sense allows Spider-Man to anticipate enemy movements and imminent danger. But in recent times, Spider-Man has realized that his Spidey-Sense has a more mystical aspect to it. The ability actually gives Parker the power to glimpse a few seconds or even minutes into the future. The exact nature of how that works is yet to be known. Kaine, the Spider-Man clone, has a much more developed preference for this power.

Super Speed

Although he is not as fast as Quicksilver, he is still faster than most people. Spider-Man is generally known for his agility and acrobatic skills. His super speed is something even the comic books have not explored much. His sprinting speed is fast enough to outrun a speeding train. The Sinister Six villains are personally aware of just how quick Spider-0Man is on his feet. Despite his super speed, Spider-Man has suffered multiple losses in his life because he was still not fast enough.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.