Spider-Man: The Great Web is Brought Back From the Dead Thanks to Fans (Kinda)

After Sony canceled Spider-Man: The Great Web, modders take matters into their own hands.

Spiderman the Great web


  • Modders have revived Marvel's Spider-Man: The Great Web after Sony canceled it.
  • Sony may have feared the possibility of one of its biggest franchises failing in the live-service domain.
  • Spider-Man: The Great Web could have been a great live-service game but Sony pulled the plug.
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Spider-Man is probably the most popular superhero of all time, and Sony struck gold with the character in the game industry through Insomniac Games. The Marvel hero has been part of many epic movies, and comics but one multiplayer game could have been the greatest.


It wasn’t long ago when Insomniac Games canceled the ambitious multiplayer game called The Great Web for unknown reasons and the leaked trailers and roadmaps sent fans into a frenzy and revived the project themselves through modding.

Modders Have Assembled to Revive Spider-Man: The Great Web

Marvel's Spider-Man: The Great Web could have been the perfect opportunity to swing around the city with friends.
Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web could have been the perfect opportunity to swing around with friends.

It is upsetting to hear that certain projects with great potential will never see the light of day, Insomniac suffered a massive leak, and among the data that was stolen was a decent-sized teaser for the canceled multiplayer game and fans made it clear that it needs to be released.


Modders seized the opportunity and revived the project from scratch and they have made a functioning multiplayer game where players can swing as any variant of the Marvel hero. However, there is a strong possibility that the failure of Marvel’s Avengers played a significant hand in its cancellation.

Perhaps Sony feared the ambitious multiplayer game may suffer the same fate despite having a much stronger community and positive reception of previous installments. The developers are probably upset to miss the opportunity of a lifetime after seeing the positive feedback of the community from the leaked trailers.

Spider-Man: The Great Web Would Have Been an Absolute Banger

The dream of swinging through the city as Spider-Man with friends has died.
The dream of swinging through the city as Spider-Man with friends has died.

It was ironic when Sony canceled this project along with another The Last of Us Online when the company has shifted its focus towards more live service games, yet they pulled the plug on two of its biggest franchises. The leaks also suggest that it was all thought out and the concept art is very comparable to modern-day comics, if not better.


The groundwork has already been laid out and Insomniac Games could have incorporated themes and ideas from other successful multiplayer games like GTA Online and the multiverse aspect which has been greatly explored in detail in other projects. The risk was high but the reward could have been higher than Sony could have possibly imagined.

The character is too famous to fail and the gameplay has been universally praised, and being able to play with friends could have been a tremendous success. The multiplayer title could have been the perfect place to explore and adapt one of the most epic stories in Marvel history, Secret Wars.

Insomniac Games’ ambitious approach to live-service structure may have died, but what these modders were able to achieve is like sticking a prune stick up on Sony’s rear end, and will instantly regret the decision to prune it from the timeline.


Would you like to see these modders fully revive Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web? Let us know in the comments section below!


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