A 20 Year Old Star Wars Game May Be Heading to PlayStation Plus Classics

The enhanced version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to PlayStation Plus.

Star Wars Clone Wars and Playstation Plus


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the first PlayStation 2 game to be included in the PlayStation Plus Classics category.
  • The player count for Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Edition has been declining steadily in the past few months.
  • Sony is placing a great deal of emphasis on restoring and preserving classic games.
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Star Wars has been around for the last few decades and the saga spanned across generations and different story-telling formats like gaming. The Clone Wars is the first PS2-era video game to be added to the classics catalog of PlayStation Plus and this is where the fun begins.


The idea of emulating classic games to modern consoles is not uncommon but this version could be the best way to access the video game. The game was released two decades ago, which makes it a worthy first pick for this new phase of video game emulation.

PlayStation Plus Is Adding a Classic Star Wars Game

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game takes place by the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars game takes place by the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

It may not be the best film in the saga, but The Clone Wars was a popular era that resonated well with the fans. Sony has taken a great interest in supporting classic video games on current-generation hardware. Nostalgia can be a powerful ally and it is also a good way to preserve legacy titles.


The gaming community is cautiously optimistic about remasters, given the franchise’s terrible track record. Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was the most recent attempt to honor the older games but it did the complete opposite and the player count has been dwindling since the day it launched. Despite the best efforts of the developers, it was too much to handle and ended up tarnishing the memories of older players.

The fans are crossing their fingers and hope that this enhanced version will live up to expectations. It can be hard to give an old video game the enhancements it deserves to run perfectly on modern consoles; it is not as simple as giving it a new coat of paint.


PlayStation Could Be the Home of Remastered Classics

PlayStation Plus users are in for a treat, especially if they are fans of classic video games.
PlayStation Plus users are in for a treat, especially if they are fans of classic video games.

The subscription service is a great avenue for users to find other games to try out and the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. Classic video games may not be as appealing to younger audiences but there is still residual value, especially for older players.

It is important to preserve these legacy titles because they played an important part in gaming history, and Sony is going above and beyond. The enhanced version has some quality-of-life improvements that modern games have, like quick save, that were not possible at the time of the original release.

Older players can take the time to reflect on their childhood experiences and see if the enhanced version did the game justice. Performance may vary but it is safe to assume that Sony is making sure that this port of sorts will run smoothly on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Star Wars has been an important part of pop culture, and has generated countless projects throughout the years, and has graced the game industry with different genres of video games. While it is best to manage expectations, fans can hope this game will not be another disappointment.

What other PS2 games would you like to see get an enhanced version for current platforms? Let us know in the comments section below!


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