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Great News for Star Wars fans. At the recent Ocama Comic-Con, Cameron Monaghan, the actor who plays Cal Kestis, confirmed that he is currently working on a third game.


Having already played Kestis in Fallen Order and more recently, Jedi Survivor, fans will be delighted to hear that Monaghan is returning for yet another instalment of the popular franchise.

What’s the latest Star Wars news?

Star Wars
Cameron Monaghan had exciting news for Star Wars fans at the Ocama Comic-Con.

During a panel at the Comic Con, Monaghan revealed the following;


“We’re working on a third and we’re in the process of doing that right now. That’s a big undertaking and there have been some conversations so far, but hopefully when all things and said and done we’ll be able to go in and make something really cool.”

Given how well-received the games have been from Star Wars fans, it’s no surprise to see that a third game is being worked on. And when the news broke, fans were understandably delighted;

“So excited. I hope that maybe the Frostbite engine can be used for this final chapter just so that the graphics are peak quality and last for decades like Battlefront 2015 graphics have. If not, I hope they ditch the engine they used previously and go back to the first one.” – @VadersPetPig

“Third game and then let’s get live action Cal please.” – @forcerival

“I can’t wait! The first two had me glued to my Xbox!” – @nrosario92

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Star Wars
There is no mention of when we may expect the third game.

Judging from the comments, many regard the character of Cal Kestis as canon and are desperate to see him in a live-action series. Given the success of the games, could this be something we can expect in the future? We’ll just have to wait and see.


There was disappointing news at the Comic-Con following Monaghan’s panel, as Stig Asmussen announced he was leaving Respawn Entertainment. The Director of both the Star Wars Jedi games is leaving the developer and its parent company, EA, with no indication as to where his destination will be.

EA confirmed this via an official statement;

“After careful thought and consideration, Stig Asmussen has decided to leave Respawn to pursue other adventures, and we wish him the best of luck,”

They went on to state that veteran Respawn leaders would be ‘stepping up’ to provide guidance to the team in the ongoing work with Star Wars Jedi Survivor.


This is slightly surprising news, as Rasmussen stated back in February that he was hoping to make a third game;

“I always wanted to see this as a trilogy.”

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Star Wars
Stig Asmussen announced he is leaving Remedy Entertainment and its parent company, EA.

It may be that there was more going on behind the scenes to which we were not privy to. But thankfully, despite Rasmussen’s decision, players can still be excited by the news that there will be a third instalment in the Star Wars Jedi series.


But what are your thoughts on the latest Star Wars news? Are you excited for another Jedi game featuring Cal Kestis? And are you shocked by Rasmussen’s decision to leave Remedy? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Bloomberg

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