This Starfield Theory Would Have Made the Game the Genre-Defining Installment It Should Have Been

A very ambitious fan theory could, perhaps, have saved Starfield.

This Starfield Theory Would Have Made the Game the Genre-Defining Installment It Should Have Been


  • Starfield was Bethesda's first new IP in 25 years and was hyped up to be the PlayStation killer for this generation as the title was exclusive to Xbox and PC.
  • A fan with immense knowledge of both the Fallout games and Starfield actually suggested that the space adventure by Bethesda could have been in the Fallout universe.
  • It included things like concept art from Starfield and the Fallout series, in-game architecture from Fallout 76, and various fan theories strung together.
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Starfield was supposed to save the latest generation of Xbox consoles. An expansive setting and one of the most popular RPG developers creating a new IP for the first time in over 25 years most definitely appealed to gamers and looked promising.


Ultimately, the game was lukewarm, with some elements that made it worth the experience; however, some did not sit well with many reviewers and players alike. It was certainly not what it was hyped up to be by loyal Xbox fans. Some people even thought its mediocrity was boundless and meaninglessly empty. However, a theory around the title has recently come to light that, on paper, looks much more exciting than the actual game.

One Fan Theory for Starfield Would Have Made for a Title That Would Have Made It a Pioneer in the Genre

Starfield was one of the most hyped titles in 2023.
Starfield was one of the most hyped titles in 2023.

As first posted on the Frontier forums by a user going by the handle Urufu1997, it saw an individual seemingly putting on a tinfoil hat and coming up with an outrageous yet exciting fan theory. The first post in the thread was posted on June 15, 2022, four years after the game’s official announcement.


The user let their imagination run wild and mixed in a fair share of lateral thinking. The user alleged that the game was connected to the Fallout universe despite being a new IP revealed by Todd Howard in 2021

This is what the user wrote below the concept art:

One of the best Examples is this Concept Art in which you can see multiple Fallout Robots. You can see a few unique ones but also a Securitron, a Robot that resembles a Assaultron, a Mister Handy and in Front of it on the Ground a Eyebot can be seen

This was illustrated by official concept art revealed by Bethesda’s official Twitter account on Star Wars Day 2022. It featured various robots from the Fallout series in a seemingly space setting.


Other Highlights by the User Supporting Their Starfield Theory

A knowledgeable fan alleged in 2022 that Starfield might have been part of the Fallout universe.

The user also went one step further and highlighted that in another one of the game’s official concept art, the signature blue and yellow color scheme of Vault-Tec was visible. The user also referenced a gameplay reveal and drew a parallel between the two games’ weapons.

The user also highlighted other possible connections between Starfield and the Fallout universe by stating that the former is set years after all the current games in the Fallout series. They also stated numerous fan theories.

The user also referenced architecture in the Fallout game series that might have been a nod to Starfield. Overall, it was a more than ambitious theory and indicates how Bethesda could have created its gaming universe.


Not to mention, doing this would create a sense of FOMO among PlayStation fans as they would be directly missing out on a title contributing to the Fallout lore, making Starfield feel a lot more exclusive.

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