Steam Delivers Christmas Early to Gamers with Huge Offering of 12 Free Games

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With this year’s “Summer of Games” bringing some of the biggest announcements from Xbox, PlayStation and other big Developers, 2023 and 2024 are looking like stacked years for gaming. With upcoming games, such as Starfield, Marvels: Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Outlaws all having release dates for later this year (and beyond), You may be wondering; “How will I keep myself entertained while waiting for these big releases?”


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Well, fear not as, (if you are a PC gamer), Steam and Epic have you covered with a slew of free games that will scratch your gaming itch!


Steams Free Games- What New Titles Can You Add to Your Steam Library?

Steam is giving away free games right now
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Steam has been pumping out free games for PC players to add to their collections over the past month. So far; Ashes to Ashes, Death Roads, Street Sense 2, Grand Emprise, Their Land, Bunker Builder, Cat-aclysm, Exorsite, Force of Nature II, Bee-Man, Untamed Tactics, and Cosmic Coliseum have all been made free! (Phew, I need a breath after that.)

There are no hidden paywalls or charges with these 12 freebies simply add them to your library and enjoy!


From all these free games there are a few standout titles – for me the ones I’ll be allocating my hard earned, hard drive space to will be Ashes to Ashes, Cat-aclysm and Cosmic Coliseum: Prologue.

Ashes To Ashes looks like a fun third-person game where you shoot your way to vengeance in a supernatural-inspired story. The cell-shaded art style and magic-infused gunplay are the main draws of Ashes To Ashes if players are looking for a fun Western-inspired indie game.

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On the other end of the spectrum, Cat-aclysm looks like a very fun 3D isometric action-adventure game.  Players must use different abilities throughout the game to defeat enemies and solve puzzles all while, you guessed it, playing as a pink-haired cat.

Although only a prologue teaser to the main game Cosmic Coliseum: Prologue, looks like a fun addition to the Roguelite genre. Destroy enemy fighters and collect XP to raise your level and become more powerful as you fight for your freedom through wave after wave of alien adversaries!

There’s no word on how long these games will remain free on Steam, so grab them while you can!


Epic Games- Let’s Get Ready To Rumble With Guacamelee! and Its Sequel, Are Available For Free!

Guacamelee is one of Epic's Free Games!

From all the games that have been made free, Epic has the cream of the crop in terms of value for money! PC gamers with an Epic Games Store account can now get their hands on Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and its sequel, Guacamelee! 2 for free.

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Both games are side-scrolling Metroidvanias with an added emphasis on brawling through massive open-world environments. There are bosses to beat, and upgrades to hunt down, all while playing as a masked Lucha wrestler in a fun and memorable story. However, this deal is only available until June 22, so act fast and don’t miss out!

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