Stellar Blade’s Hyung-Tae Kim Copied 1 Storytelling Trope From Elden Ring’s Hidetaka Miyazaki for Maximum Player Enjoyment

Stellar Blade’s narrative may not be complete, but that is done for the benefit of the player.

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  • Hyung-Tae Kim’s Stellar Blade is set in a unique universe with its own lore and history.
  • This lore has deliberate holes and gaps to allow players to fill them in using their imagination.
  • Hyung-Tae Kim deliberately included these gaps as he felt the players would enjoy an enhanced experience.
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Public opinion on Stellar Blade has been a chaotic pendulum. The game was facing a degree of controversy before its release, and the launch brought with it a fresh set of issues that made many people speak out against SHIFT UP.


However, as the intensity of the pushback lessens, people are starting to see Stellar Blade for the fun experience it is. This is thanks to Hyung-Tae Kim’s efforts in making a game that’s not only unique but also borrows some of the best aspects of its contemporaries. One such would be Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Elden Ring.

Stellar Blade’s Lore Goes Beyond the Game’s Narrative

Players need to explore the world to understand the Stellar Blade lore.
Players need to explore the world to understand the lore of Stellar Blade.

Any attempt at creating an interesting world necessitates studios to develop lore for that universe. Now, FromSoftware titles such as Elden Ring might not be super forthcoming with the lore of the world, but there’s a reason the studio’s games are so highly regarded among lore hunters.


When looking at Stellar Blade, one wouldn’t be faulted for thinking the game might not have paid much attention to this aspect of world-building. However, you would be pleasantly surprised. If one looks past the exaggerated character design, the game features some very intricate lore. However, not everything is presented to the player on a silver platter.

In an interview with GamerBraves, CEO of SHIFT UP, Hyung-Tae Kim spoke on the creative process behind building the world of Stellar Blade. Certain aspects of the game are deliberately left unexplained, and while this could cause some frustration, it was a deliberate decision taken to get the player more involved.

Gaps of information in stories help to stimulate the players’ imagination so they can think of possible scenarios and events that could fill in those gaps. Hyung-Tae Kim believed this would enhance the experience, allowing players to infer the nature of relationships and backstories within the game by understanding and analyzing the actions, behaviors, and dialogues of the characters.


SHIFT UP’s Creation Is Now Breaking New Records

Kim's method of storytelling was to get the player engaged.
Kim’s method of storytelling was to get the player engaged.

Being a PlayStation exclusive, the game’s audience is going to be limited to people who have a PlayStation 5. Despite this limited audience pool, the title has managed to sell incredibly well and even surpassed the sales number of Capcom. That’s right, Stellar Blade has sold more physical copies in Japan than Dragon’s Dogma 2.

There are still some issues people have with the game. The censorship added to Eve’s dresses via the Day One patch is one of them. It seems SHIFT UP has listened to the fans and released a patch that offers some middle ground in this issue. The costumes that were censored now have the option to use the uncensored version as of patch 1.003.

The team is also planning several more updates and additions to the game to improve the experience. A Boss Challenge mode has been added, allowing players to square off against their favorite big bad from the title. We also got a new suit that can be unlocked by clearing this mode, and a couple of other costumes as well.


What moments are memorable to you from the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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