“Holy f**king s**t that combat”: Stellar Blade’s Spiritual Successor Gets a Nod of Approval From Fans

"I hope this turns out to be good, cause this seems right up my alley."

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  • Stellar Blade fans are excited about another sci-fi game titled Project DT from developer Digital Sky.
  • The game is currently under development, and there is no information on the release window.
  • Fans are loving the combat and gameplay in Project DT and want more details about the game.
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Stellar Blade, the PlayStation 5 exclusive title from South Korea-based game developer Shift Up, has been a hit and received praise from both fans and critics upon release as well. The game was a best-seller in the UK in the launch week and recorded one of the highest Metacritic user scores ever for a PS5 game.


The game sold nearly a million copies in the first 24 hours of its release and is enjoying great success. It seems like Stellar Blade was only the beginning. Another title in the vein of Shift Up’s game is also coming in the future, and it has seemingly managed to secure players’ approval.

Stellar Blade’s Spiritual Successor Has Impressed Fans

Another sci-fi game like Stellar Blade is on fans' watchlist.
Another sci-fi game like Stellar Blade is on fans’ watchlist.

Project DT is another high-speed sci-fi title from China-based developer Digital Sky and will be the first AAA game from the developer. The game is currently under development in Unreal Engine 5, and there is not much known about it, such as the release date or anything of the sort.


However, the developer has shared an announcement trailer and a gameplay demo that have been making the rounds on the internet, and fans are loving what they see. The combat is one of the most appreciated aspects of the game, and it is very much like in Stellar Blade, and players are buzzing.

Project DT seems to have a combo scoring system. The female character in the gameplay demonstration video is seen attacking a huge mech monster in what is seemingly a boss fight with melee attacks. The animation and gameplay design are neat and impressive.


Players think it is a great addition to games like Stellar Blade, but they are also not ready to compromise with how they did in Shift Up’s title with the character outfits and censorship. But most of all, they are thrilled to play the game and can’t wait for the launch.

Fans Are Excited for the Game and Hope It Turns out How It Looks

Project DT is currently in development at Digital Sky.
Project DT is currently in development at Digital Sky.

Fans are amazed by the combat gameplay in Project DT and think it could really be a great game. One fan said that there should be more “fist weapons” in the game, and that they are “overlooked.” They added that it makes the combat look “cool.”

User Javier said that the game looks like Stellar Blade plus Devil May Cry. One player said that this is exactly the kind of game they want, while another added that Sony should stay away from it, possibly because it might censor things.


Fans have said that they are “definitely interested” in the game, and it looks “amazing” like any sci-fi game should. The gameplay demonstration was shared back in 2021, and there has not been any other information about the game since then.


This has led to players thinking that the game may be shelved but game development takes times and many think that it’s good that developers are taking time to deliver a great game they believe in.

What are your thoughts on Project DT? Do you think it can impress fans like Stellar Blade? Let us know in the comments.


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