Stellar Blade’s Marketing is Both Unique and a Middle Finger to the Eve Controversy

A marketing campaign that is making excellent decisions.

Stellar Blade's Marketing is Both Unique and a Middle Finger to the Eve Controversy


  • Stellar Blade is making an amazing marketing campaign to promote the release that will come next week.
  • The studio behind the title and PlayStation announced a collaboration with BIBI, a K-Pop star from South Korea.
  • This very anticipated trailer will be released on April 26 exclusively for PS5.
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Stellar Blade, one of the few exclusive games on PlayStation 5 this year, is actively promoting itself in the best way possible. Shift Up Corporation is developing this game, and many fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival next week. Sony and this new IP have just announced a collaboration with popular South Korean singer BIBI to promote it. 


This is not the only way that the studio is doing a spectacular job to pre-sale the game. The marketing team is also working on a bunch of collaborations to find an organic way to generate publicity.

Stellar Blade Is Really Doing a Great Job Promoting Itself

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26 on PS5.
Stellar Blade will be released on April 26 on PS5.

After Sony confirmed that it would not release any AAA budget games, fans were disappointed, but after two pretty great revelations, players already have almost three great exclusive games.


Sony has launched Rise of the Ronin and Helldivers 2 to astounding reviews, but now it’s time for Stellar Blade, one of the most anticipated games of the first half of the year. This action game is making a lot of noise.

The controversial path that the game took has caught even more attention, making the industry and players ready to receive this game with open arms. According to initial impressions, the game is more than good and aims for an impressive score.

By launching a demo and appearing in every kind of conversation regarding the protagonist’s looks and camera position, the studio has achieved many headlines organically. 


A Marketing Masterclass by the Stellar Blade Developers

BIBI and Stellar Blade will work on a collaboration.
BIBI and Stellar Blade will work on a collaboration.

Besides the organic promotion that the game is receiving from controversy, PlayStation and the studio behind the game, Shift-Up Corporation, have announced a collaboration with a popular singer.

To promote the upcoming launch, BIBI will create a music video that draws inspiration from this title. This team-up will be released tomorrow at 9 a.m. (PT). Fans of this K-Pop star are really happy with this very original collaboration.


This video will show BIBI cosplaying like Eve, the main character; apparently, she will dress up in the various outfits of the protagonist of Stellar Blade. Fans are very excited and surprised by this unusual collaboration.

No more details were given by the studio or PlayStation about how the final result of this campaign would be. This was a surprising move by PlayStation and Shift Up, proving that marketing is always necessary.

Stellar Blade will officially launch exclusively on PS5 on April 26. The game will follow EVE as one of the last warriors looking to save Earth from an alien invasion that wants humans off the planet. As an RPG, this title will have a skill tree, new unlockable, new abilities, and what all fans are looking for: new outfits for EVE. With several pre-orders fully sold, the game aims to sell a ton of copies.


What are your thoughts about the BIBI collaboration? Let us know in the comments!


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