Stellar Blade’s Sequel Will Answer 1 Question Everyone Has According to Hyung-Tae Kim

The sequel to the title is going to offer a deeper understanding of the characters.

stellar blade sequel according to hyung-tae kim


  • Hyung-Tae Kim, director of Stellar Blade, revealed the possibility of a sequel to the game in an interview with Famitsu.
  • When asked about the ages of the characters, Kim stated that the same could be revealed in a sequel.
  • He urged players to enjoy the game and then to look forward to a sequel where more details would be revealed.
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Many games often have some degree of mystery regarding their characters, and Stellar Blade is no different. The PlayStation exclusive is a work of art from the mind of Hyung-Tae Kim, the renowned illustrator and video game designer who is now the CEO of Shift Up.


The studio’s latest title has created intense waves in the industry, pleasing many fans and adding a new feather to its cap. For those who have enjoyed the game and want more, you’ll be happy to know that a sequel to the title is very likely if Hyung-Tae Kim’s words are to be taken at face value!

Hyung-Tae Kim Teases Stellar Blade Sequel in Discussion of Character Ages

Eve’s age and more will be revealed in Stellar Blade‘s sequel.

Studios know they’ve done a good job when people start to theorize and wonder about a potential sequel to the game soon after its launch. It shows that the game is not only well-received, but gamers want to see more from the world. So, when the creators offer up information regarding a sequel, fans are undoubtedly eager to learn more about the project.


Hyung-Tae Kim dropped very explicit statements in a Famitsu interview that many can take as a serious admission for a sequel to Stellar Blade. It came about when asking about the age of the characters, a detail that is not mentioned in the game, but would help put a timeline to the events.

To this question, Hyung-Tae Kim responds with a cheeky “Perhaps it will be revealed in the next movie.” The interview has been translated into English from Japanese, so we believe the term “movie” refers to a second game in the series.

This surprised the interviewer, and his exclamation was met with another quick reply, saying if we are curious about the age, then to enjoy this game and look forward to a sequel. The admission of a sequel to the title is going to excite even more people than just the lore hunters. It could be a simple joke from Kim, but current sentiments would justify a sequel.


New Features Are Being Added to Stellar Blade

Get ready to take down your favorite bosses all over again!
Get ready to take down your favorite bosses all over again!

While news of a sequel is music to many a fan’s ears, Shift Up is also actively working to improve and add to its current flagship title. A Day One patch added New Game+, and we now have news of a Boss Rush mode planned for NG+ as well. This would allow players to replay their favorite encounters and hone their combat skills.

A photo mode was added recently to the title, allowing players to capture the beauty of the game. This no doubt further fueled the controversy over the character design and exaggerations for the same. However, despite these controversies, Stellar Blade has proven to be a substantial experience.

The reception for the game is very positive, something fans were a little worried about given the controversies around the game even before it launched. However, a strong user review Metacritic score of 9.3 shows Shift Up has delivered a solid title, and fans are eagerly awaiting a follow-up to the game.


What would you like to see in a sequel to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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