Stranger Things 4: Guy Playing Guitar In Trailer Reveals A Huge Plot Detail

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The wait is over after nearly three years as Stranger Things will return for its fourth season on Netflix. Picking up from the events of the third season, the sci-fi horror drama series has added two new characters to the story. Legendary actor Robert Englund, who played the role of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street will be portraying Victor Creel, alongside Joseph Quinn playing the role of Eddie Munson. Quinn’s character has especially received much focus due to one particular scene from the trailer.


In the recently released trailer, the heroic teenagers try to adjust to their new lives. With Will Byers and Eleven having shifted to California, the rest of the group is at a crossroads as all of them try to settle into their new environment. However, trouble doesn’t seem to be far away from Hawkins as a new terrifying monster from the Upside Down is revealed to haunt our band of heroes. But thankfully, the original heroes are now aided by a brand new character, played by Joseph Quinn, who seems to have some insights into the vast world of Dungeons & Dragons, along with being a terrific guitarist.

Stranger Things Season 4

Who is the person playing the guitar in the Stranger Things trailer?

In the latest trailer, fans are introduced to a brand new threat who has been named Vecna. Having drawn inspiration from the classic Dungeons & Dragons villain, Vecna joins the list of Demogorgon and Mind Flayer who will appear in the show. However, to fight the latest monster, Eleven and the rest of her gang seem to be taking help from Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn.

Eddie Munson is the guitarist in Stranger Things Trailer
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

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Though Quinn’s character has been briefly shown in the trailer, it is widely believed that he will play a major part in the storyline. Apart from being an expert in Dungeons & Dragons, Munson is also revealed to be a heavy-metal guitarist. His classic long haired look paired with numerous rings adorning his fingers perfectly match the description of a ’80s guitarist.

How Eddie Munson plays a vital role in Stranger Things Season 4?

Though Eleven and the Byers have moved out of Hawkins, it doesn’t seem that they can outrun their past for long. On the other side, the rest of the gang staying at Hawkins are at the eye of the storm with Vecna out for blood. As a result, it makes complete sense that the heroes cannot just deal with the terrifying monster on their own.


To help the protagonists from Hawkins, Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson seems to have more than a few tricks up his sleeves. Firstly, Munson is considered to be an expert in Dungeons & Dragons, which will definitely play a major role in defeating Vecna. Considering that Vecna is inspired by the classic RPG villain, Munson is expected to know a few vital weaknesses of the monster. Moreover, his guitar skills will also be on display to keep the newest monsters from the Upside Down: Demo-Bats.

Eddie Munson playing the guitar in Stranger Things Trailer

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In the trailer, Demo-Bats are revealed to be the gigantic, terrifying bats from the Upside Down. While their powers have not yet been revealed, it doesn’t look good with their huge numbers at hands. However, considering that they are still bats who probably use echo-location to hunt their prey, a guitar might come handy to distract them, if not incapacitate them. As shown in earlier seasons, even Demogorgons have a weakness to high-pitched noises that temporarily stop them on their tracks. As Eleven and the gang are up against new monsters, they surely need all the help they can gather.

Stranger Things will return for its fourth season on May 27, 2022.


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