Stranger Things: Every Upside Down Creature, Ranked

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The Stranger Things series is based on Hawkins versus the monsters from upside down. Ever since Eleven opened the portal to the place, Hawkins had to deal with quite a few of them. Now, with the new season coming out really soon, fans are excited to see what it holds. The trailer has given some hints to what the season is going to be about and also gives a glimpse of a new monster. While the fans wait to see what threats await Hawkins, here are some that it has already faced. Check out the list of every upside-down creature that showed up in the previous seasons.


1. Mind Flayer is hands down the scariest

Mind Flayer from stranger things upside down
Mind Flayer

The ultimate antagonist of the Stranger Things, Mind Flayer is the ruler of the upside-down. He was introduced in season 2 as the creature controlling Will’s mind. The creature had infiltrated his mind while he was abducted by the Demogorgon. Though it was shown that he had been locked away by Eleven in the second season, he is still a threat. The hideous creatures from the upside-down want nothing more than to destroy our world. He controls the vines, Demogorgon, and every other creature from his territory.

2. The Spider Monster is the next big threat

Spider Monster upside down creature in stranger things
Spider Monster

In season 3 of Stranger Things, this spider-like monster was introduced. He attacked the party at the Starcourt Mall. He is one of the biggest creatures so far to appear from the Upside-Down after the Mind Flayer. It was the tiniest piece left inside Will when Eleven closed the gate. It used the bodies of the Flayer to transform into a giant spider.


3. The Hospital Monster is scary in Stranger Things

Hospital Monster stranger things creature from upside down
Hospital Monster

These monsters are created from the human tissues, Hospital Monster was created from the remains of Flayed humans. They were killed by Nancy and Jonathan at the hospital and they transformed into a bloody pulp and attacked the couple. Till Eleven arrived and killed them. It was just as intelligent as it was scary. It was later absorbed by the Mind Flayer.

4. Demogorgon was the main antagonist in Season 1

Demogorgon is a creature from upside down in stranger things

In the first season of Stranger Things, it is the creature that took Will into the Upside-Down and killed Barbara. Also, it is a scary creature with a petal-like mouth and sharp teeth. It is provoked by the smell of blood. The Demogorgon had a strong skin that was even bulletproof. It is hard to imagine that Eleven could beat it.

5. The Flayed were the agents of Mind Flayer

The Flayed upside down creature from stranger things
The Flayed

Though, they were not as scary as most creatures they served as spies of the Mind Flayer. They were humans that were corrupted by the mental powers of the Mind Flayer. After losing Will, he took over Billy to spy on Eleven and the others. There were other citizens that the monstrous being took over and caused a zombie-like attack. Also, he used them to sacrifice themselves for him.


6. Demodogs are quadrupedal Demogorgons

Demodogs upside down in stranger things

As nicknamed by Dustin, Demodogs were much like the Demogorgons in appearance. They were just quadrupedal. Also, one of the main threats the leads had to deal with in season 2. As Mind Flayer used them to save himself. Also, they are extremely strong and great diggers. And they are smart, fast, and agile.

7. Vines are just as dangerous

Vines is a upside down creature in stranger things

Though they are controlled by Mind Flayer, they were the ones that infiltrated Hawkins and ruined the city. The lead characters named the block tendrils, vines. They spread slowly and help the Mind Flayer expand its control. They are also the same creatures that had trapped Will and were inside him. This could be how Mind Flayer got into him.

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