Stranger Things Season 4: Main Villain Confirmed In Leaked Photo

Billy Hargroves is Vecna in Stranger Things 4
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Stranger Things is back once again for its fourth season after a hiatus of three long years. Taking its inspiration from the glorious ’80s, the blockbuster sci-fi horror drama series has rapidly become a global phenomenon since its inception back in 2016. Created by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things has received critical acclaim for its ’80s-based theme and its homage to some classic Stephen King stories. Apart from that, the series has also enjoyed massive popularity for leaving clues in episode titles, soundtracks, and trailers for fans to join the dots, thus allowing for a more immersive experience. Continuing the tradition, the fourth season of Stranger Things has once again dropped a few clues regarding its main villain this time.


Ahead of its May premiere, Stranger Things released its anticipated trailer earlier this week that took the fans by surprise. Its latest monster, termed Vecna, inspired by the classic Dungeons & Dragons game was especially the major focus. Interestingly, prior to the release of the fourth season, the creators have revealed that the show will now be more like Game of Thrones. As a result, Vecna also eerily resembles the Night King from HBO’s hit show. Though the real identity of Vecna is yet to be confirmed, a leaked photo might have just revealed the true face behind the monster.

Billy Hargrove is Vecna In Stranger Things Season 4

Who is really playing the role of Vecna in Stranger Things?

The latest threat to Hawkins comes in form of Vecna, who joins the list of classic Dungeons & Dragons characters Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer who have previously appeared in the show. Inspired by one of the most powerful villains from the role-playing table-top game, Vecna just might be the strongest opponent that Hawkins’ heroic teenagers have to face so far.


Billy Hargrove Returns As Vecna In Stranger Things 4

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Though Vecna surely looks terrifying, it’s highly probable that the monster is using a human host to wreak havoc on Hawkins. As was the case with the Mind Flayer, who used Will Byers as its host to terrorize Hawkins, Vecna might also be following the same path. Interestingly, the host might be one of the most popular characters from the series who was previously thought to be dead.


Is Billy Hargrove Working As Vecna’s Host In The Fourth Season?

In the second season of Stranger Things, fans were introduced to Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery. Later on, it was revealed that Billy was Max’s step-brother. His abusive childhood had made him turn into a bully who was easily triggered by the slightest of incidents. Being unable to deal with his own issues, Billy often lashed out at others, particularly targeting Will Byers and his gang as they befriended Max.

Billy Hargrove Returns In Stranger Things 4
Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove

Though Billy was a side character in the second season, he soon became the central antagonist in the third season when the Mind Flayer made him its host. Considering Billy’s fragile mind caused due to years of abuse and negligence, he became an easy target for the Mind Flayer to wreak havoc on Hawkins. As the Mind Flayer’s host, Billy was almost successful in taking over Hawkins until Eleven interfered and brought his true self to the surface, resulting in his heroic sacrifice to save the day. Though Billy Hargrove’s death was confirmed in the third season of the series, there is always a way for him to return. While fans were speculating about Billy’s return, Dacre Montgomery’s recent Instagram post has almost confirmed that he is returning for the fourth season.


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How Billy Hargrove Can Return After His Apparent Death?

Despite being killed by the Mind Flayer in the third season, Billy can still return to the show. Though his mortal body might have been destroyed, it’s highly possible that a part of his consciousness was transported to the Upside Down. Vecna, the main villain of the fourth season also has some eery similarities with Billy, as pointed out by a few fans. From Billy’s characteristic blue eyes to Vecna’s standing posture imitating Billy’s death, a lot of fans are convinced that Billy is actually Vecna.

Billy Hargrove Might Return As Stranger Things 4 Main Villain
Billy Hargrove

Moreover, the trailer also revealed Max being possessed, leading her to levitate uncontrollably near Billy’s grave. This might be one of the instances where Billy is trying to contact Max and others, or maybe transfer his newly found powers to fight Vecna. Whatever the case might be, Billy Hargrove’s return will surely be one of the best highlights of the upcoming fourth season, besides Robert Englund’s terrifying Victor Creel. 


Stranger Things will return for its fourth season on May 27, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.


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