Stranger Things Season 5: Duffer Brothers Hesitant to Add New Characters in Season 5 After Eddie Because They “Take Time Away” From Established Characters

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From reviving an old top three UK single song from 1985 to having memes about its main antagonist Vecna all over the internet-Stranger Things has cemented its position in pop culture as being one of the most talked about shows. Every time a new season comes out, it’s the talk of the town on all forums, and it does not plan on holding its horses any time soon.

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The sci-fi horror drama TV series has had a great run, which it still is on, ever since it was first released in 2016. The story has also been very memorable, and the characters are also well-written. However, the Duffer Brothers, who are the show’s creators, are planning to adopt a new approach in terms of characters.

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Will The Duffer Brothers Add More Interesting Characters?

The original cast of Stranger Things has been together ever since the first season, with their respective characters holding each other’s hands through thick and thin against every foe they have faced. So now comes the question – will we be getting more characters?

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The brothers sat down with IndieWire to talk about all things Stranger Things. In the interview, the duo said that they were not planning on adding more characters because they wanted to shift their concentration to the “OG” characters. They said-


“We’re doing our best to resist [adding new characters] for Season 5. We’re trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters, I guess.”

So there’s that, fans of the show will have to be content with the current characters that are in the show (who are still alive) because you aren’t getting any more of them. But hey, who knows, the brothers might change their minds someday.

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The Duffer Brothers Are Very Meticulous With Who They Add

Making characters for literature is not something you just do out of the blue. More so, fitting them into the plot for your work is the next big thing you have to look out for, and the Duffer Brothers are pretty well-versed on this.

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During the very same interview with IndieWire, the conversation came onto the characters again, and they were asked to speak on the characters that were well-received by audiences even though they were added later on into the show-

“Whenever we introduce a new character, we want to make sure that they’re going to be an integral part of the narrative. So that’s something with Eddie this season, where we go, “Well, we need a character here for this storyline to really work, and to give it the engine that is needed.” But every time we do that, we’re nervous, because you go, “We’ve got a great cast of characters here, and actors, and any moment we’re spending with a new character, we’re taking time away from one of the other actors.” So we’re just very, very careful about who we’re introducing.”

The Duffer Brothers are indeed a very talented duo in the industry, and the above statement shows their dedication to fine-tuning every aspect of Stranger Things.


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