Strongest Female Villains Of Marvel, Ranked

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Recently with the idea of a significant surge of female villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans seem to wonder who the strongest female is. These powerful female villains have proven to be some of the deadliest antagonists of the comic. Thus, we thought of creating a list where we will be rating the strongest female villains of Marvel. So without any more delay let’s get into the details.


The Goddess of Death is known as Hela who can claim souls, reawaken the dead. In Journey into Mystery #102, she was first introduced to the world of Marvel. However, the Queen of Asgard was appointed by Odin, to rule over the dead. Gradually, she started to develop hatred towards Odin, and to get back at him she strived to take Thor’s soul. She being the firstborn of Odin is one of the strongest female villains who can beat Thor physically.

Dark Phoenix is perhaps the strongest mutant. She has literally devoured a star. Dark Phoenix basically represents destruction. Over time she became even more powerful and quite an unstoppable godlike being.

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Nebula- an adopted daughter of Thanos, has become one of the strongest female villains of the comic. After appearing in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 she joined the Avengers to fight against Thanos. However, her long-lived loyalty to the evil still brings her to this list. She has the super strength to heal herself quickly.

Mystique who’s also known as Raven Darkholme has been one of the crucial characters of the X-Men. The character uses shapeshifting abilities to fulfill her desires. And this particular ability along with her other skills, makes her one of the strongest female villains in MCU.

Strongest Female

Selene is another mutant, who is probably one of the oldest and strongest female characters in the history of MCU.  She has made her debut in New Mutants #9. Being a member of the Hellfire Club, she has had multiple run-ins with the X-Men.


Emma Frost is amongst the pivotal characters of the X-Men. She is one of the most powerful telepaths who has first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129. Frost being one of the strongest mutants of the Hellfire Club decided to create their own team of supervillains.

Strongest Female

The daughter of Lord Dark Wind, who is also known as Lady Deathstrike has first appeared in Daredevil #197. She is a deadly fighter whose skills are unmatched.Strongest Female

Typhoid Mary is also popular by the name of Bloody Mary. She first appeared in Daredevil #254. Mary is one of those mutants who possess powers like telekinesis, mind control, and pyrokinesis.

Madame Masque is also one of the strongest and mysterious opponents who first arrived in Iron Man #17. Masque was also known as Whitney Frost who’s apparently the daughter of the crime perfectionist Count Nefaria. As time flowed Madame became an accomplished strong villain in her own right.


Enchantress being one of the strongest supervillains has been a known foe of Thor. Her powers are synonymous to Loki’s. But somehow she had to team up with him to take down Thor. As we know her magical abilities are phenomenal, but her real charm is that she’s an excellent mind controller.

So that was all about the exciting female villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tell us whom do you admire the most?

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