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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fans are Still Not Happy

Gamers are confused as to why Captain Boomerang is no longer using his boomerang in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fans are Still Not Happy


  • Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has players wondering why Captain Boomerang isn't using a boomerang.
  • Gamers are confused but do have a theory as to what has prompted this strange character choice.
  • Gamers are worried that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is going downhill - even more so from its initial announcement.

Recently, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League released a video called Suicide Squad Insider, which provides an inside look into the game’s characters and their unique abilities and weapons that they will be using throughout the game.

A couple of days have passed since this video, and many fans are beginning to comment on Twitter/X regarding Captain Boomerang and the lack of his trusty weapon. For many reasons, gamers are quite annoyed and baffled by this decision from Rocksteady Studios, but sadly, there has been no response as to why this decision has been made.

Why Are Gamers Unhappy That Captain Boomerang Is Using Guns in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

For obvious reasons, many gamers are quite unhappy with the decision that Captain Boomerang is primarily using guns as his weapon of choice rather than his trusty boomerangs. This is down to the fact that there is really no point in having Captain Boomerang if Rocksteady is going to make him use guns anyway. It’s completely against the core of the character and shows a fundamental lack of understanding of who Captain Boomerang is.

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The main reason gamers are disappointed is down to the fact that Captain Boomerang could of utilized a rather unique set of gameplay mechanics, which could have made playing as him a unique experience that allows players to try a different play style than the other characters.

During the Suicide Squad Insider, a short glimpse of Captain Boomerang in combat was displayed, which revealed that in close combat, he will be utilizing his trusty boomerang, but sadly, during ranged combat, he will primarily be relying on weapons like snipers, shotguns, and SMGs.

This has caused many gamers to wonder why this decision has been made, as a simple change to another DC character like Peacemaker or Bloodsport would have made more sense for this type of gunplay.


However, there are some who understand this decision, as having two Marksman characters who focus on weaponry like guns would unbalance the squad and create a rather boring dynamic as Captain Boomerang adds a rather jokey flair to the party.

Why Is Captain Boomerang Using Guns Rather Than Using His Boomerangs?

Gamers confused why Captain Boomerang won't use his boomerangs in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
Gamers are confused about why Captain Boomerang won’t use his boomerangs in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Even though it hasn’t officially been announced as to why Captain Boomerang is using guns rather than his trusty boomerang, many gamers have the theory that, unfortunately, he doesn’t have access to his trusty boomerang.

This theory is hinted at as the characters begin in prison outfits and eventually get changed, meaning that they may not have their full weapons and gear sent to them at the beginning of this rather rushed mission.

Another reason Rocksteady may have gone with this decision is to fit in with the current situation that is taking place within Metropolis, as it is essentially a war that is taking place within the city, and unfortunately, throwing a boomerang in a city is most likely to create more issues than a gun would.

It is more than likely that Rocksteady originally began planning to use a boomerang, but sadly, they may have realized how much of a hassle it would most likely be and the glitches that would more than likely occur.

So far, we do not know whether these theories are accurate, but we can only assume that these theories are on the right track, as they seem rather reasonable and would most likely explain Captain Boomerang’s choice to avoid his trust weapon for a more uncivilized weapon.

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