In a Sign of Zero Faith, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has Massively Slashed its Prices and its not Even Out Yet

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League prices slashed by 37% days before the official launch of the game in the UK.

In a Sign of Zero Faith, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has Massively Slashed its Prices and its not Even Out Yet


  • Massive pre-release price slashes show the lack of faith by the creators on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
  • The official launch ceremony was disrupted due to server issues and technical problems.
  • Players with early-access opened the game to be greeted by the game completion screen leading to massive outrage.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is yet to be released and the price of the game has already seen a massive dip. Prior to its scheduled release on February 2 in the United Kingdom, this massive discount has gotten fans to question the publishers’ backing of the game.


However, this might just be aggressive marketing from the developers to appeal to a larger community. If this is true, although chances are pretty slim, then it would be prudent to expect plenty of paywalled DLC, in-game purchases, and/or other aspects related to real-world currency. 

Speculation is rife regarding what can one expect from the game. So far, the expectations have been pretty high. But the slashed pre-release prices have attracted a lot of gossip from a major part of the community. The popular opinion is that the publishers have zero faith in the game to do well, ergo the heavy discounts.


How Much Discount Is Too Much Discount?

Suicide Squad poster

While 10-25% discounts are the most offered during the pre-release sales, anything higher usually indicates the publishers trying to cut some losses off a failing project.

Why would the publisher want such a hyped game to go for such a cut price is anyone’s guess. There has been no official comment from either the developers or the publishers regarding this as they were busy dealing with multi-faceted issues within hours of the official launch of the game.


The official launch ceremony too was affected by server issues as things were neither rock nor steady. 

Players were able to access the content starting January 29th in New Zealand. The much-anticipated release quickly became a nasty embarrassment as Rocksteady was left face in the mud with the servers crashing and the glitch not allowing the players to access the storyline.


Can Suicide Squad Deliver on Their Promises?

Suicide Squad characters

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had promised to be a fantastic experience where the players get to play with Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark.

The game is an online multiplayer one where players get to play using Harley Quinn’s dual pistols and agility, King Shark’s tremendous brute force and aquatic prowess, Captain Boomerang’s explosive boomerangs, and Deadshot’s deadly precise marksmanship.

Teams of up to 4 are allowed as you have to strategize and combat together to clear co-op missions and events. The game has multiple boss fights and battles against the Justice League members. However, all hangs in balance as to when Rocksteady fixes the glitch where players log into the game and are greeted with the game completion screen.


Whether the game is worth the money only time will tell. But if early signs are anything to go by, this is shaping up to be another failed superhero ensemble, much like Marvel’s Avengers.

If the issues are indeed resolved smoothly and appropriately, the game can genuinely become a sensation. With 4 playable characters and players being able to interchange between the characters fluidly, much was expected of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

But, nothing will matter if Rocksteady fails to address the issue properly. Affected players would likely demand compensation in the form of in-game currency, rewards, and boosts. If the developers fail to satisfy the players, they might risk being review-bombed across all platforms.


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