It’s Taken a Month but Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Getting Refunded Just Like Cyberpunk 2077 Did, and it’s Easy to See Why

Sony reaching for the refund option lets you know the developers have really botched the experience.

suicide squad


  • Suicide Squad has been plagued with several technical issues affecting online play since its launch.
  • Sony is now accepting refund requests and returning people’s money to their PS wallets.
  • The game has been panned repeatedly for its long list of issues, boring gameplay, and unengaging content.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, disappointments of 2024. Despite the years of hype, Rocksteady’s latest anti-hero romp has not landed well among fans. Games bombing on release is not new; we had Cyberpunk 2077 after all.


However, while Cyberpunk 2077 suffered a myriad of technical issues, the core narrative and gameplay were solid. The same can’t be said for Suicide Squad, and so it appears Sony is bowing their heads once more and doing the unthinkable: refunds.

Gamers Who Purchased Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Can Now Recoup Their Losses

Fans are not impressed with the low quality of Suicide Squad.
Fans are not impressed with the low quality of Suicide Squad.

@HazzadorGamin on X posted a picture of a notice from Sony confirming that the amount spent on Suicide Squad will be refunded to the player’s wallet. This has surprised a lot of people, as there are several replies to the tweet expressing their shock at Sony’s decision.


Refunds go strictly against their policy, so it’s not easy to get Sony to give you back your money. But, given the state of Suicide Squad, it’s understandable.

We mentioned before how Cyberpunk 2077 had several technical issues at launch that made the game unplayable. Well, along with repetitive gameplay and a lackluster story, Suicide Squad has dropped the ball in the playability department as well.

The game has been unplayable for many, ever since its launch because of many multiplayer and online connection issues. While Rocksteady is still investigating the matter, gamers are losing patience.


Reddit user, Tris, also posted on the game’s subreddit, stating that they submitted the request for a refund without expecting a response. They were just as shocked as the commenters on that thread when their request was approved. But, considering the game fell short of even Warner Brother’s expectations, it makes sense.

With refunds from Sony being as rare as they are, there is no guarantee the request will work for everyone who tries. There is also no clear consensus on what percentage of the Suicide Squad player base is experiencing these issues. But if you are a dissatisfied owner of a digital copy, you can try your hand at a refund request. Nothing to lose, but definitely some money to recover.

Players Have Been Knocking Suicide Squad Since Its Release

All signs point to Sony offering refunds for an objectively broken game.
All signs point to Sony offering refunds for an objectively broken game.

Aside from the technical glitches, most players confirm that the title just isn’t super fun. While it has its moments, most come away feeling the gameplay is repetitive and the missions are uninspired.


One would think a game where the player has to take down the Justice League, Earth’s strongest guardians in DC, would be exciting. But even the boss battles fall flat, and don’t have the oomph one would expect.

Many players said that there was no real progression of the characters, even with new loot and skills. They described it as listening to the same record over and over with only minor changes here and there. Add technical issues to that roster of complaints, and you have grounds for a refund for sure.

Are you going to try and refund Suicide Squad? Let us know if you were successful in the comments.

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