Suits Almost Replaced Meghan Markle With Sandman Actress Who Had Rumored Affair With Prince Harry Before Royal Wedding

Suits Almost Replaced Meghan Markle With Sandman Actress Who Had Rumored Affair With Prince Harry Before Royal Wedding

Boundaries frequently flow together in the fascinating world of royalty and show biz. An enthralling saga emerges, centering on the acclaimed TV series Suits and its near choice to replace Meghan Markle with Jenna Coleman. Adding to this conspiracy is the rumored link between the actress and Prince Harry before his union with the 42-year-old in matrimonial brilliance.

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Meghan Markle

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This unfolds the crossroads of Hollywood and monarchy, where secrets and decisions merge in an unpredictable dance of stars and royalty.

Jenna Coleman Nearly Took Meghan Markle’s Position On Suits

In the ever-evolving world of showbiz, where the choices of casting can wield the power to shape the fate of a series, a remarkable twist of fate came close to showing Jenna Coleman into the spotlight, potentially replacing Meghan Markle in the iconic role of Suits.

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Meanwhile, even the thought of different actors playing our beloved characters strains our imagination. It is unusual for an actor to receive a part offer immediately, more frequently, a series of auditions takes place.

On occasion, these auditions resurface years later, unveiling the fascinating possibilities that lay changeless.

For the Duchess of Sussex, Suits stood as a pinnacle in her acting career, where she embodied the determined paralegal turned lawyer, Rachel Zane.

Her arduous journey, from LSAT struggles to love, and an enduring on-again, off-again romance with Mike, captured the hearts of viewers.

Yet, the trajectory of Rachel’s journey could have charted a divergent course if another actress, Jenna Coleman, hadn’t been sidelined in the casting process.

Curiously, the twist doesn’t end there, as the 37-year-old connection with Prince Harry in 2015, preceding his encounter with Markle, adds an enigmatic layer.

In Hollywood and life alike, the untraveled paths often yield the most remarkable destinations, a testament to the ruthless nature of destiny, a script as unpredictable as the silver screen itself.

Suits Is Breaking Streaming Records

Meghan Markle's
Meghan Markle in Suits

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Suits emerged as a titan in the domain of streaming, destroying records and carving an enduring legacy in the entertainment picture. An undying affection for Suits courses through the veins of viewers.

However, this fervor isn’t for the style and grace but rather for the 2010s basic cable legal drama, renowned for its pivotal role in hurdling Markle to stardom.

The sheer adoration for Suits recently propelled it to conquer Nielsen’s streaming record, setting a staggering milestone with over 3.1 billion minutes viewed in a single week.

With nine trailing zeroes, all within a solitary week, this colossal feat leaves the former record-holder, Manifest, trailing in the dust at a mere 2.5 billion viewing minutes.

The allure of Suits lies in its intoxicating blend of legal prowess, amorous entanglements, and intrigue, all set against a backdrop of beautiful faces. Spanning an impressive nine seasons and 134 episodes, it defies the streaming norm of abrupt cancellations, offering viewers a rare marathon experience.

What fuels this record-breaking powerhouse is its availability on both Netflix and Peacock, attracting a diverse audience from multiple streaming platforms.

As loyal fans and newcomers embark on marathon viewing sessions, Suits attests to the enduring power of compelling narratives and captivating characters in the digital age.

Suits is available to stream on Peacock and Netflix.

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