Superhero Actors Who’ve Been Touched By Demons of Domestic Abuse Like Johnny Depp

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The Johnny Depp Amber Heard case has opened up a whole new can of worms. The world is again split between the demons and horrors of domestic abuse. But Johnny Depp is not alone. Several celebs and even superhero actors have already come forward to reveal they too have been there. These superhero actors can relate to the entire Johnny Depp Amber Heard case.

When does the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial end
When does the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial end

No matter which way the trial swings, domestic abuse is not okay and Fandom Wire will always stand with truth and justice. All perpetrators of domestic abuse need to be taught a lesson and these superhero celebs make for a good point.

Patrick Stewart – Professor X in X-Men and Doctor Strange 2

The founder and leader of the X-Men, who shared a good bond with Magneto.
The founder and leader of the X-Men, played by Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart is nothing short of a legend in Hollywood. He has starred in some of the greatest movie franchises to ever grace the movie industry. Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise managed to bag the role of Professor X in the X-Men movies. He would later resurface as Charles Xavier in the MCU. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer has Stewart play the character once more.


How many of you know that Sir Patrick Stewart has been knighted by the Queen of England for his distinguished contributions to show business? How many others knew that Sir Patrick Stewart had a troubled childhood where he was constantly exposed to domestic abuse? He says in an interview:

“As a child, I witnessed his repeated violence against my mother, and the terror and misery he caused was such that, if I felt I could have succeeded, I would have killed him.”

Halle Berry – Catwoman in Catwoman, Storm in X-Men Movies

Halle Berry Superhero Actors - Storm in X-Men Movies
Halle Berry – Storm in X-Men Movies

She has also had a long list of accomplishments in the movie and small screen industry. Her most famous role remains playing Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men in the Fox-Verse. Halle Berry, in an interview with NBC, reveals how domestic abuse eroded her childhood:

“For a good chunk of my childhood, my mother was a battered woman. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, including celebrities,” says Berry.

Nicolas Cage – Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider

Nic Cage Ghost Rider
Nic Cage in Ghost Rider

In this case, Nic Cage wasn’t the victim but the culprit. The Con-Air and Face/Off star has had tremendous success in the ’90s and early 2000’s. But fame did get to his head and he became a shell of a man. Nic Cage played Ghost Rider in two movies based on the Marvel character.


In July 2020, Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans for domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. He had a very public argument and later altercation with his wife Alice Kim. Nic Cage has since mended his ways and tried to be a better man.He now openly talks about how being a propagator of domestic violence almost destroyed his life and how he has changed for the better.

Melissa Benoist – Kara Danvers in Supergirl

Supergirl – The CW

She won all our hearts playing Kara Danvers in the CW series – Supergirl. But Benoist has been in the receiving end of domestic violence for a major part of her life. But like the true woman of steel she is, Melissa Benoist openly talks about how domestic violence led her to a dark place and how she survived the whole ordeal. In an Instagram video, Benoist talks about domestic violence in depth:

 “I want those [domestic violence] statistics to change, and I hope that telling my story will prevent more stories like this from happening.”

Charlize Theron – Clea in Doctor Strange 2 (Rumored), Andy in The Old Guard


Charlize Theron - Superhero Actors Doctor Strange 2
Charlize Theron – Rumored to play ‘Clea’ in Doctor Strange 2

The Monster and Prometheus star has also made her mark (or about to) as one of the MCU superhero actors. She played Andy aka Andromache of Scythia in the Netflix Original movie – The Old Guard, based on the comic book film of the same name. Theron is also rumored to be playing the role of Clea in Doctor Strange 2’s alleged post credits scene.

Superhero actors like Theron have opened up about it. Theron mentions her horrific childhood domestic abuse episodes back when she was in South Africa. In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Theron reveals one ay her alcoholic father entered her home and started shooting his gun. Her mom, fed up of the constant abuse, shot back and killed him.


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