‘It’s a Little Tricky Now’: Superman and Lois Showrunner Todd Helbing Hints Arrowverse Crossovers – TV’s Biggest Superhero Event – Are Over

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Recently Superman and Lois showrunner Todd Helbing talked about why the Arrowverse’s myth of crossovers is finally over. The showrunner broke down how and why Superman and Lois left the main Arrowverse continuity in an earlier interview. Todd Helbing noted that the series initially downplayed its shared universe elements to make Season 1 more accessible to new viewers, which involved rewriting the script for the pilot episode.

Showrunner explains Superman and Lois is not in Arrowverse
The showrunner explains Superman and Lois is not in Arrowverse

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The showrunner explained thoroughly how and why Superman and Lois left the main Arrowverse journey in a recent interview. Todd Helbing also reported that the series originally downplayed its shared universe components to make Season 1 more vulnerable to the new audience, which included rewriting the whole script for the pilot episode.


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Superman and Lois Boss Explains Why the Arrowverse Crossover Is Extinct

Superman and Lois Boss talks about the extinction of Arrowverse Crossover
Superman and Lois Boss talks about the extinction of Arrowverse Crossover

He mentioned this to the Season 2 finale’s forecast that the show carries the story in a different universe to the rest of the Arrowverse, in an interview with Looper, he further added:

“I don’t know. What’s going to happen is, if there’s an opportunity… I love [The Flash star] Grant [Gustin]. Grant’s a friend. I have connections to that show, but I would say if there is one [crossover], Flash would probably be my first call. It’s a little tricky now to do all this, but we’ll see what happens.”

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Further adds:

“Maybe it’s not that binary. It’s more that the events in our show are not taking place on the same Earth as the current Arrowverse.”

He also acknowledged that beyond the various realities of it all, the Arrowverse just isn’t the exact same anymore, which alters how crossovers could even exist now.

Will Arrowverse Characters Continue to Show Up in Superman and Lois?

Superman and Lois characters
Superman and Lois characters

Todd Helbing hasn’t totally talked out about future Arrowverse cameos in Superman and Lois. He’s just sharp to pinpoint that this would include new, alternate universe stories of formal characters. Such a cameo took place in Season 2 when David Ramsey characterized a different image of Arrow‘s John Diggle. Back then, he confirmed that this was a unique John Diggle to the one fans were used to, referring to David Ramsay’s hairstyle and beard as proof of this.


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He has also made it clear that the same strategy would apply to Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl showing up in the future season.

“Yeah, it would not be the Supergirl from the Arrowverse, it would be our version, so we would invent a new backstory for her,” he said. “The same way that we did with Lucy [Lane], General Lane, and John Diggle, the same way with John Diggle. They may be their doppelganger and they may look exactly the same, but it would be a completely different story.”

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Superman and Lois Season 3 still does not have a release date yet.

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