Superman & Lois Season 4 Taps in Fan-Favorite The Flash Actor Who Can Bridge Series to the Larger Arrowverse – Explained

Superman & Lois might finally make it to the Arrowverse as Tom Cavanagh gets recruited to star in the final season.

Tom Cavanagh in The Flash, Superman and Lois


  • After three splendid seasons, Superman & Lois will finally be ending with its fourth season.
  • The Flash star, Tom Cavanagh will also be appearing in the season finale of the hit DC show.
  • Although his role is not revealed yet, his appearance can help tie the show with the huge Arrowverse.
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Despite being set up in another universe, Superman & Lois is a thrilling tale of Earth’s mightiest DC hero and a world-renowned journalist who is also his love interest. After three successful seasons, the series will be coming to an end with its fourth and final season. Poised to have Lex Luthor as the chief villain, fans can hardly wait.

Superman & Lois 2
Superman & Lois

Originally slated to be part of the Arrowverse, the series will bring back one iconic The Flash actor in its series finale episode. While no other details have been revealed, the addition of the fan-favorite star can help bridge the gap between the Arrowverse and Superman & Lois.

Superman & Lois To Bring Back The Flash Star For Final Season

Tom Cavanagh
Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash in The Flash

Superman & Lois had a good run so far, starting as an Arrowverse series and then spanning into a separate one set in a different universe. It is based on Superman and Lois Lane and their relationship as they battled deadly threats, inner demons, family drama, and more.


Winning the hearts of DC fans worldwide, the series will unfortunately end with its last and fourth season. But before ending, it has another surprise in store for fans. The Flash star aka Reverse-Flash Tom Cavanagh will be making an appearance in the last season.

While speaking at the Fan EXPO Philadelphia panel on May 4, the star revealed he is slated to appear in the season finale of Superman & Lois Season 4 (via @DevsMastani).

“So the finale for ‘Superman & Lois’ was taken up already, and so I said, ‘Well, I’m happy to not do it,’ which is when Todd was like ‘Well, would you play a role?’ And so that’s coming up, for those of you that watch ‘Superman & Lois’ — something that I’m happy to have done.”

Having appeared in almost all Arrowverse series, the actor’s appearance is not only an exciting update but can also help tie the series with the rest of the Arrowverse.


Tom Cavanagh Can Bridge Superman & Lois To Arrowverse

Superman & Lois
Superman & Lois might finally be part of the Arrowverse

Tom Cavanagh is slated to appear Superman & Lois series finale, yet his role has not been revealed. While there are chances he can play a lesser-known DC character or some other character, there is also a possibility he might star as Eobard Thawne.

There is also a possibility that he can play the current reality’s Harrison Wells. Although all Harrison’s had become a part of Nash Well’s consciousness, it would be fun if Cavanagh appeared as another version of Wells.

This not only would add a fun twist to the story but can also help bridge The Flash and Superman & Lois together, thus tying the series to the larger Arrowverse. While details of season 4 are still being kept under wrap, it would render Cavanagh’s appearance unworthwhile if he were not to play a fan-favorite or familiar DC character.


The release date for Superman & Lois season 4 is yet to be revealed, but the three seasons of the series can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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