Tales of the Walking Dead: AMC Developing Horror Anthology Spin-Off

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The flagship TB Show of AMC – The Walking Dead, will air its final episode in the year 2022. But AMC is not ready to let the tremendously popular franchise go this easily. They have already made plans for two spin-off series based off of the Walking Dead show. One spin-off show under development is the Walking Dead Horror Anthology show called Tales of the Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman’s epic zombie apocalypse saga is ready for yet another resurrection. AMC is taking a new approach this time. They will be focusing on various other aspects of the Walking Dead Universe. The horror anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead being planned seems to be a good start for an expanded Walking Dead Universe.


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AMC’s premier show may be dying but it has learned a thing or two from the zombies. The Walking Dead will breathe its last, and then rise again as Tales of The Walking Dead, an episodic anthology project that will reportedly take the slot of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Kirkman’s acclaimed graphic novel series of the same name gave birth to one of the greatest behemoths of small screen entertainment a decade ago. It told the story of a group of survivors that live through the onslaught of the zombie apocalypse. As they go through each and every day fighting hordes of zombies and other nefarious forces at play, the group becomes a close knit family and then finally finds their sanctuary. The Walking Dead is not just known for its post-apocalyptic genre. It had a great story arc, an amazing depth of characterization, and extremely powerful world-building.

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The show was a success and AMC kept on expanding it to multiple seasons. Things started to go downhill right after the introduction of Negan. The All Out War arc would be critically panned. The show would then witness many of its prominent stars like Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs who played Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes in the show, leaving the project midway. The show had already influenced an entire generation of viewers, who had developed a taste for dystopian fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world. The series was the reason for the creation of many spoofs, sequels, parodies, and spin-offs. The Walking Dead has created a titanic legacy. For the sake of protecting it, AMC is coming up with new Walking Dead Projects like the horror anthology series.

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The Walking Dead franchise has given birth to many spin-off shows and sequel projects. Fear The Walking Dead, sister series of The Walking Dead, premiered in the year 2015. It was set in Los Angeles on the western coasts of America and Mexico. The spin-off series finally had a crossover with the original Walking Dead show when Morgan James, played by Lennie James joined the cast. Morgan was a recurring support cast for the Walking Dead before he took his leave. Morgan established a link between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

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Another sequel project titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond, is set to release next month. The show will explore the life and times of the first generation of youngsters who grew up in a zombie-ravaged world. The Walking Dead is expanding its horizons with new and unique projects. Following the conclusion of the original show, a lot many ventures could be given the get-go by AMC. Considering there are still two years before The Walking Dead ends, we can firmly believe that a lot can happen within a span of 24 months. The Zombie Horror franchise might be about to explode.

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The new episodic horror anthology show has been cleared by AMC. Tales of the Walking Dead will have a unique format. Rather than having one long continuity, Tales of the Walking Dead’s arcs will be limited to one episode each. The anthology format will help bring in newer and fresher characters per episode. There will be a new story to tell every time. There is some speculation that the characters of Tales of the Walking Dead might also be older characters from the Original show coming for a guest appearance in the spin-off series. The story line will involve both stand-alone tales as well as unexplored backstories of original well-known characters.

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AMC announced the show in its official press release. There is yet to be a release date attached to the project. But we know one thing for sure – Tales of the Walking Dead leaves the back door open for a lot of the legacy characters from the original shows as well as new characters from the new sequel shows to make their presence felt.

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AMC stated that The Walking Dead will have an extended Season 11. After that, the show is all set to be wrapped up by 2022. The eleventh season of the show will have a whopping 24 episodes and will be broadcast over a period of two years!! While Season 10 of the show was still in production, the corona virus pandemic happened, leading to all work on the show being prematurely halted. The show will air its season 10 finale in early 2021. AMC have Season 10 an extension of six episodes. In total, we will have 31 episodes of The Walking Dead to look forward to.

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The two new spin-off projects being planned include the horror anthology arc as well as a new show featuring Daryl and Carol in lead roles. The shows will be plenty engaging for fans of the zombie genre.

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The Walking Dead has suffered some really humiliating moments in recent times. The show has suffered backlash for abrupt changes to character arcs which affected the overall story. The departure of prominent actors led to speculation that the series is being forced to come to an end. The long running series had seen a drop in rate and quality ever since the past few seasons. Many fans would still be left misty-eyed watching one of their favorite shows leave the network. Others consider it was something a long time coming. Tales of the Walking Dead will give the fans a chance to have a look at some of their favorite characters from The Walking Dead. It will also serve as a good vessel to answer questions regarding plot holes and other missing characters. It will also be a very good opportunity for exploring new locations and places within the Walking Dead Universe.

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