“That would be cool”: 1 Marvel Actor Iman Vellani Is Dying To Work With And It’s Not Robert Downey Jr

Although the actress may be a big fan of RDJ, Vellani wants Ms. Marvel to team up with another famous MCU star in the future.

“That would be cool”: 1 Marvel Actor Iman Vellani Is Dying To Work With And It's Not Robert Downey Jr


  • Iman Vellani, the actress who plays Ms. Marvel in the MCU, has high hopes for the future despite the lackluster debut of her character in the latest film.
  • She is interested in possible superhero team-ups, with Tom Holland's Spider-Man being at the top of her list, according to the director of the film "The Marvels".
  • The actress believes that a team-up between new characters in the franchise, which could potentially be the Young Avengers, would be cool if possible.
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With the advent of Phase 5 of the MCU, new faces started to appear in the franchise left and right which has now led to a whole new group of superheroes waiting to be brought to the forefront of the action. Among them is Iman Vellani, the actress who plays the role of Ms. Marvel, who is one of the younger additions to the franchise and an upcoming superhero.

Iman Vellani
Iman Vellani

Despite her latest film The Marvels proving to be a lackluster debut of her character in her superpowered self, the actress has high hopes for the future, which is somewhat evident from the events in the film. One of them happens to be superhero team-ups that she’s also excited about, which has led her to wish for a rodeo alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the future.

Iman Vellani Wants To Team Up With Tom Holland In The Future

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU
Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the MCU

With the advent of new superheroes into the franchise, The MCU seeks to expand the narrative with new teams of these characters to take center stage in the coming time. Therefore, Iman Vellani has a lot of excitement in regards to working with new and old stars from the franchise. With her proper introduction into the main timeline with The Marvels, that possibility has broadened even more.


Therefore, she has shown interest in possible team-ups of Ms. Marvel in the MCU, and at the top of her list, is Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man.

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In a recent interview with The Direct, the actress talked about what her vision for the future of her MCU character and the franchise in general holds. Here, she also opened up about wanting to work with The Crowded Room star as Spider-Man when she was suggested whether she would want to in the future. She said:


“I would love to see a team-up [with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man]. Their team-ups in the comics are honestly one of my favorites. So, that would be cool.”

Considering both of these superheroes are the young blood of the MCU, they would sit right well together with each other in a team of Young Avengers if Sony ever lets that happen in the future.

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What’s Next For Iman Vellani?

Iman Vellani in a still from The Marvels
Iman Vellani in a still from The Marvels

With the events that transpired in the recently released The Marvels, we can see Kamala Khan take center stage in the upcoming films of the MCU.


Towards the end, we see Carol Danvers settle down in Louisiana, and Khan taking the initiative to create a new team of superheroes that can save the world from existential threats. Therefore, we witness the young hero travel to New York City to meet up with Kate Bishop. This has hinted at a team-up between new characters in the franchise, which also can potentially be the Young Avengers.

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The Marvels, now in cinemas.



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