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“That’s above my pay grade”: Ms. Marvel’s Mysterious Connection With Agents of Shield Debunked by VFX Artist Who Worked on Both the Shows

Ms. Marvel’s Mysterious Connection With Agents of Shield Debunked by VFX Artist Who Worked on Both the Shows

At the beginning of Ms. Marvel’s adventures, it was revealed that she was an Inhuman of the universe, which explained her powers. However, during the series finale, she turned out to be a mutant (the first-ever mutant in the MCU).

The series shared a similar scene with Marvel’s Agents of Shield which ran for 7 seasons until its closure. Fans theorize that the Inhuman connection would prove to be more useful shortly however, the VFX artist who worked on both the shows disagrees.

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Iman Vellani shines as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.
Iman Vellani shines as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel’s Inhuman Connection Revealed

Marvel Studios has been known to deviate quite a lot from the source of comic books. In the comics, it is revealed that Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan is an Inhuman. An Inhuman is a human on which the Kree have experimented with the DNA thus giving them inhuman abilities (hence the name). But during the finale of the Ms. Marvel series, it was revealed that Kamala Khan is a mutant.

The death of Djinn in Ms. Marvel is very similar to Terrigenesis.
The death of Djinn in Ms. Marvel is very similar to Terrigenesis.

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Fans quickly tried to make connections between the two shows i.e., Ms. Marvel and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as they both shared a very similar scene regarding a transition that the Inhumans possess. When the Clandestines attempted to go through the Veil in Ms. Marvel, their skin turned into a crystalized form which is very similar to how the process of Terrigenesis is depicted in Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

Kevin Yuille, the VFX artist that worked on both the shows spoke to Direct and clarified the similarities and yet the difference between the Terrigenesis in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the scene above from Ms. Marvel.

“It’s funny, because our company worked on Agents of SHIELD for the whole run of the show, and I’ve been on that show since the pilot. Terrignenesis, [Marvel Studios] didn’t bring it up to us, but we internally said, ‘It’s kind of like Terrigenesis, a little bit!’ You know, crystalizing, I think the Terrigenesis was a little more volcanic in its look.

He continued with his thoughts about a potential Inhuman or the X-men path,

Honestly, if they’re going down some Inhuman or X-Men path, that’s above my pay grade. I have no idea. Because we did both, we did those scenes, and I worked on some of those shots. I was a compositor, more of an artist back then, so I worked on some of those, but yeah, I have no idea.”

It was a shock to fans when Kamala Khan was revealed to be a mutant in the series finale as it deviated from the comic books. This could be a way for Marvel to introduce the element of X-men in the franchise slowly yet steadily. With the ever-increasing number of references to the X-men and the inclusion of Krees and more, a crossover is not far off.

Inhumans To Enter Into The MCU?

A scene showcasing Terrigenesis in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
A scene showcasing Terrigenesis in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Terrigenesis creates Inhumans while mutants are born with powers. Kamala Khan is a mutant, unlike her comic book character which makes it an entry point for the X-men and all the mutants to make their entry into the MCU…but not so fast.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is an upcoming series that will feature the plot of Krees (from Captain Marvel) guise themselves with major and important people, including Nick Fury, on Earth which creates a crisis. This is the entry point for Krees in the MCU which may result in them experimenting with humans and creating Inhumans!

We do not know what Marvel plans to do with this similar scene and the reason behind it. There has been no news confirmed as of yet. Ms. Marvel is currently available to stream on Disney+ along with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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