“That’s just the dumbest thing ever”: Fox Studios Thought Ryan Reynolds Had Legit Gone Cuckoo After Insane Deadpool 2 Story Idea

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Name a celebrity more chaotic yet lovable than Ryan Reynolds, we’ll wait. Almost as if playing himself in the Deadpool franchise, Ryan Reynolds has made the Merc with a Mouth our favorite Marvel character. And now that character is all set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with Deadpool 3 alongside Hugh Jackman.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Having already been in two installments of the franchise, we expect no less chaos from Ryan Reynolds in the third film. On top of that, we hope that the actor has more behind-the-scenes stories to share with his fans as they seem to be equally as fun as the movies. In one such story, Ryan Reynolds talked about his pitch for the script of Deadpool 2, and for some reason, it involved the red chair from the singing reality show, The Voice.

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Ryan Reynolds Almost Made Deadpool Steal a Red Chair

Ryan Reynolds jimmy fallon
Ryan Reynolds on The Tonight Show

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While the script of Deadpool 2 we saw come to life on the big screen was quite an entertaining one, there must have been some drafts that failed to make the cute. After all, perfection takes time, right? Ryan Reynolds, while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon talked about his pitch to the Studios for the second installment. While we cannot ever tell what goes on in the mind of our favorite chaotic actor, he somehow believed Deadpool 2 should have been all about stealing the big red chair from The Voice.

“I pitched in the Deadpool – this is for the sequel – the whole story of the movie would be Deadpool trying to steal the big red chair from The Voice. And they were like ‘that’s just the dumbest thing ever.’”

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if Reynolds is joking or not which is probably why the Studios chose him to play the role of Wade Wilson! However, it would have been pretty entertaining to see Deadpool running around with a huge chair, we are not gonna lie.


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When Ryan Reynolds Called in Brad Pitt for a Cameo

Brad Pitt as Vanisher in Deadpool 2
Brad Pitt as Vanisher in Deadpool 2

Apart from the “unique” pitch for Deadpool 2, Reynolds had yet another brilliant idea. He had apparently pulled in Brad Pitt for the sequel. While this got them all super excited, Reynolds then revealed the role Pitt would be playing.

He’s gonna play Vanisher. And they were like, ‘What’s Vanisher’s power?’ I was like, ‘Well, he doesn’t speak and he’s invisible.’ And they were like, ‘Why is Brad Pitt on?’ Oh no, I was like cause you see him, you know. And they were like, ‘When do you see him?’ Like you see him for a quarter of a second when he’s electrocuted to death.”

Isn’t that the role of a lifetime? What makes the whole situation even funnier is the fact that Pitt actually agreed to play the short, short cameo. The blink-and-miss cameo came to fruition because of Pitt’s relationship with director David Leitch. He talked to Screenrant about what the shooting was like.


“What was shooting that like? Pretty much, easiest thing I have ever done. Dave’s an old friend of mine and he used to be…he was my stunt double starting with Fight Club and all the way up till about 2004. And then he went off and became a really good director, which is rare. Rare. Ryan called and like, why not?”

Getting a superstar of Pitt’s caliber isn’t an easy task. Other factors aside, they tend to take a huge chunk out of the film’s budget as their payment so it’s only fair to assume that Pitt did too, right? Wrong. As stated by the writers of the film during a conversation with CinemaBlend, Pitt agreed to do the movie for $950. Apart from that, his only other ask was that he get a cup of coffee from Starbucks and Reynolds had to personally deliver it to him. Reynolds being Reynolds, obviously did the delivery duty which became a hilarious behind-the-scenes story. Pitt wrapped up the shoot in thirty minutes. We can’t wait to hear more such stories from the sets of Deadpool 3! Hugh Jackman’s addition to the film will only add more entertainment to the set as the two continue their friendly rivalry.

Deadpool 3 is set to release on November 08, 2024.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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