“That’s the real MVP”: Disney Star Karan Brar’s Coming Out Gets Massive Wave of Support From Fans For Spreading Awareness

Actor Karan Brar's fans showed support after the actor came out as bisexual.

Disney Star Karan Brar’s Coming Out Gets Massive Wave of Support From Fans For Spreading Awareness


  • Actor Karan Brar, who starred in the TV series Jessie, recently revealed that he was bisexual, in a touching personal essay.
  • Brar claimed that he was forced to keep his sexuality a secret from the world in the early part of his career, something which took a toll on his mental health.
  • Brar came out for the first time to his roommates Cameron Boyce and Sophie Reynolds, and revealed the kind of struggle he underwent as he tried to effectively live two different lives.
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Actor Karan Brar, who gained significant popularity after playing the role of Ravi Ross in Disney Channel’s comedy television series Jessie, recently came out as bisexual in a personal essay. Brar revealed a range of details about the mental health problems he faced over the past few years. The actor found success at an early stage of his career and since struggled to keep his sexuality hidden from the world, something that took a toll on his mental health.

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Karan Brar in Stargirl (2020)
Karan Brar in Stargirl (2020)

Shortly after his essay was posted online, thousands of fans showed support. The actor revealed that he first came out to his roommates, actors Cameron Boyce and Sophie Reynolds. Brar has been out of the spotlight lately but he explained that he was looking for the right words he has been searching for.


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Karan Brar came out as bisexual in a personal essay

Cameron Boyce and Karan Brar in Jessie
Cameron Boyce and Karan Brar in Jessie

In a personal essay for Teen Vogue, actor Karan Brar opened up about his sexuality and shared how keeping his sexuality hidden from the world took a toll on his mental health. The actor wrote,


“For years, I had nailed the whole ‘compartmentalizing’ thing and I figured I didn’t need to stop then. There was public Karan and private Karan. Both were real, but trying to hold them in one body was proving to be too much. Still, I kept pushing myself until cracks started to form. It all came to a head while I was drunkenly hunched over a toilet bowl, watching my tacos from lunch and several White Claws come back out. I decided that was the best time to come out to Cameron and Sophie.”

The actor then came out to Cameron Boyce and Sophie Reynolds, revealing that it was hard for him at first, but Boyce and Reynolds’ positive reaction made him feel safe.

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Fans supported Karan Brar

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross in Jessie
Karan Brar as Ravi Ross in Disney Channel’s Jessie

Shortly after Brar’s essay went live, thousands of his fans came to support him because it certainly takes a lot of courage. His powerful story definitely touched many fans:

Karan Brar is well-known for his work as Chirag Gupta in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film franchise and Ravi Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and its spin-off Bunk’d. Apart from this, the actor has also showcased his talent in films like Pacific Rim Uprising (2018), Hubie Halloween (2020) and Stargirl (2020).


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