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“That’s the savoury answer!”: Henry Cavill Hinted at Active S-x Life as Secret Behind ‘Man of Steel’ Body

Henry Cavill Hinted at Active S-x Life as Secret Behind 'Man of Steel' Body

Henry Cavill is an actor who has a brilliant physique and an even better range of acting. His talent outshines his physical features. He has a fanbase just as strong and the roles he has done grown onto becoming even more iconic than they previously were. From Geralt of Rivia to Superman; he has worked hard on bringing the best out of each and every character of his.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

His skills as an actor are profound in their own way. However, it is his strict diet that really catches the eye. Many of his fans would get easily curious about how he workouts and what he eats to be in proper shape for whatever role he chooses to play. Luckily, even the actor knows how to add certain jokes here and there.

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Henry Cavill’s Important Cardio Work Out

When Henry Cavill was at the peak of his career with Superman, his physique was an element that was often questioned. The way he maintains his diet, how he workouts, what he takes care of; things like that were commonly asked of him as they still are. However, one particular question allowed him to give a side eye to his fans about how there may be more to his routine than just the gym and dieting.

Fandomwire Video
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

“I… run. That’s the savoury answer!”

When Cavill was asked about what he does for his cardio, he looked quite taken aback. He turned to the audience as he fidgeted in his seat, trying to find a more acceptable answer than what he was thinking about. When Jimmy Fallon further questioned him, the audience started laughing, confirming that what he was actually thinking was communicated to them without actually having been said out loud. A secret to Henry Cavill’s perfect fitness routine is nothing more than intercourse.

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Henry Cavill’s Diet Outside Of His Sneaky Cardio

Henry Cavill has a rather strict diet which he follows as dedicatedly as possible. It is heavily focused on steak and he makes sure not to get off track when he is in proper form. The actor eats five meals on a normal day, each meeting his requirements. His breakfast includes a steak alongside eggs and oatmeal. For lunch, he pairs his steak with brown rice and for dinner, he pairs it with sweet potatoes.

Henry Cavill impresses as Geralt of Rivia
Henry Cavill

By the end of the day, he drinks water mixed with protein in order to avoid muscle breakdown while he is asleep. However, he allows himself at least one cheat day every week. His cheat meals can often vary depending on his mood. From pizza to fish and chips, his cheat meals can change as per his location. Another important factor is sleep, something he must maintain vigorously otherwise his body would be wanting more carbs than he is willing to provide.

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