The Amazing Spider-Man 3: 5 Reasons The Andrew Garfield Movie Would Conquer The Box Office

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Rumor mills are churning, claiming Andrew Garfield is not done with the saga of the web-slinger just yet. Maybe we will indeed get The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Here’s why we think The Amazing Spider-Man 3 does have incredible potential after No Way Home.


Both The TASM Movies Made A Great Deal Of Money


Andrew Garfield had a very tough nut to crack. He was following on the footsteps of the legendary Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Man. We would not want to be him back in 2012 when the first The Amazing Spider-Man movie came. But the movie made a ton of money. Against a 220 Million production budget (which is a LOT considering the MCU was still on its nascent stages and big budget comic book movies weren’t the norm), it still made more than 6 times its budget. The first TASM movie made 757 Million Dollars globally. The second TASM movie, which remains one of the worst critically reviewed Spider-Man movies ever, still made 708 Million Dollars. That was against a production budget of 200 Million Dollars.

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In an era where a global pandemic’s making the public hesitant to flock to the theaters, those are some pretty attractive Box Office numbers. Sony must see that the abandoned The Amazing Spider-Man 3 project still has incredible potential.


A Return Of Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man Is A Dream Come True

The Best Spider-Man Ever

All the three actors that have donned the red, black, and blue suit have brought something unique to the table. Tobey Maguire showed us the emotional struggles of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Tom Holland took us back to the roots, giving us a younger Spider-Man within the larger MCU. Andrew Garfield on the other hand, was the best of both worlds. He effortlessly portrayed the emotional struggles of Peter Parker while managing to give his Spidey persona his signature quick wit in mid-battle. This may be an unpopular opinion but Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will only be catering to Spidey fans by giving them what they want.

A Chance To Explore His Story Post Gwen Stacy’s Death

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 – The Project That Never Happened

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Garfield’s Spider-Man explains that the death of Gwen made him “bitter” and “rageful”. He was no longer the optimistic and pacifistic neighborhood superhero. He was more violent and extreme in his ways because he did not want to commit the same mistake again. This is a story fans would love to see on the big screens. How Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man loses his way and then eventually finds his way back to the light in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would make for a good redemption arc.

Fans Have Been Petitioning For The Spider-Verse Since Forever


No Way Home hinted at the three Spider-Man having some sort of connection which kept pulling them to each other. Both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield said that they somehow knew Tom Holland’s Peter needed their help. This mystic connection between the Spider-Men is one of the foundations for the Spider-Verse story arcs in the comic books. If Andrew Garfield does bag a deal with Sony for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the movie will be set in a totally different universe with a whole new set of characters. Now that magic has creeped its way into the TASM-universe, we may even get to see Morlun and Madame Web in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


No Way Home Confirms Fans Were Clamoring For The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Will It Ever Be Made Though?

With Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing in theaters, fans got to see all the three Spider-Men in action. Two actors stood out in the movie. Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was the show-stopper. But Andrew Garfield was the best of the Spider-Men trio. His comic timing and dialogue delivery were so on-point and Spider-Man like. No Way Home only went on to confirm what Sony had been suspecting all this while – fans do want to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

We don’t know if The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will ever happen. But Sony must consider it as a gamble worth the reward. Let’s see what the future holds for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.


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