The Amazing Spider-Man: Hidden Facts We Are Only Getting To Know Now

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Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man is full of Easter eggs and hidden details. The grand cinematic universe has placed the story with interesting elements. By doing whatever Andrew Garfield’s web-slinger can, The Amazing Spider-Man has spun one of the greatest Spidey movies of all time. As the fans are pretty hyped with the arrival of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we went back to the memory lane and discovered a few hidden facts of the production of the movie. So today we thought of bringing the intriguing tidbits from the Amazing cutting room floor. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s swing right into the unfolding story of The Amazing Spider-Man.


Right at the moment, the world came to know that Tobey Maguire wouldn’t be playing Spidey again, it was hard for the audiences to cope up. Many fans were seeing casting opportunities for their favorite actors and many were just upset. Hollywood seemed to have an open season as many popular actors approached themselves for the part. Josh Hutcherson, who’s known for his work in The Hunger Games., even produced a story film and applied for the role. However, his three-minute audition didn’t get him the role. His fans still believe there will still be a chance for him to play the character of a superhero.

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While there was a lot of trouble arising around the organic web-shooters of Peter Parker, Brian Bendis’s opinion worked as the deciding vote. It was indeed a very drastic divergence from the main source material. Peter Parker being a high school student didn’t construct the story of making mechanical web-shooters all of a sudden. So Columbia Pictures tried to take suggestions from the acclaimed comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. And while choosing between organic or mechanical web-shooters, Bendis went for mechanical. And that is how the decision was made in 2015 for The Amazing Spider-Man.

At the time of a new comic book film announcement, fans started to wonder who would be on the director’s chair. And while several competent names were flying all around for The Amazing Spider-Man, one of the most mentioned names was David Fincher’s. However, this wasn’t the first time that Fincher got associated with the webhead. He also mentioned that he previously got an opportunity to work on 2002’s Spider-Man. Eventually, Fincher turned down the chance. Even in the run for The Amazing Spider-Man, Fincher lost out to Marc Webb.


Emma Stone, who’s been widely praised for her performance as Gwen Stacy, was originally auditioned for another role. Many of the admirers still have no idea that in 2012 Emma gave an audition for the role of Mary Jane Watson. Later Emma mentioned that she used to admire the character of Mary and always wanted to play it. She also mentioned that she hadn’t known anything about Gwen and her contribution to the Spider-Man lore.

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Here are the hidden facts about The Amazing Spider-Man and its cast. Feel free to include the facts you’ve discovered (if there’s any) otherwise share your thoughts on today’s topic.

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