“I’m pretty happy approaching other challenges”: The Axis Unseen’s Nate Purkeypile Thinks It’s ‘pretty unlikely’ He’ll Return to Bethesda, and the Reason is All Too Understandable (EXCLUSIVE)

This former Bethesda dev sees new horizons ahead.

The Axis Unseen's


  • In an interview with FandomWire, Nate Purkeypile talked about his upcoming game, The Axis Unseen.
  • He also mentioned his time as a Bethesda employee working on titles like Fallout and Starfield.
  • While he is very happy with his experience, Purkeypile is confident that he will not return to that company in the near future.
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In a recent interview with FandomWire, the creator of The Axis Unseen, Nate Purkeypile, talked about his path before working on this anticipated title. Bethesda employed him before he started making the game and he was part of IPs like Fallout, Skyrim, and Starfield


Purkeypile is very proud of what he accomplished with those AAA projects and explained why he did not return to the studio. Speaking highly of his experience, he eagerly anticipates the release of this new project later this year.

Purkeypile Is a Former Bethesda Employee With His Own New Game, The Axis Unseen

The Axis Unseen will be the next title of a former Bethesda dev that worked on Fallout.
The Axis Unseen will be the next title from the former Bethesda dev.

In this in-depth interview with Purkeypile, FandomWire learned that the time he spent with Bethesda worked well for the development of The Axis Unseen. The experience of designing several open-world environments gave him an understanding of the key features of a successful game in this very complicated genre. 


Purkeypile described how his time at Bethesda was very productive since the studio let the devs work on their own ideas to put in the games. However, he responded to whether he would come back to the studio, saying:

It’s pretty unlikely. Like I said, I’ve worked on them for a decade and two of them won the most Game of the Year Awards when they came out. 

It seems the developer is looking for a new solo path, and the creation of this upcoming game is how he will accomplish that goal. 

After Working on Games Like Fallout, He Is Ready for New Challenges

Nate Purkeypile, the creator of the game is very excited about the premise.
Purkeypile, the creator of the game, is very excited about its premise.

It isn’t easy to launch an open-world indie title in a way that puts your game on everyone’s radar. Purkeypile talked about the feeling of winning awards with his former employer and said:


So, it seems pretty unlikely that I’d top that, so I’m pretty happy approaching other challenges.

Purkeypile also mentioned that he hasn’t heard from Todd Howard since leaving the company.

The Axis Unseen is different from classic open-world titles. This new IP mixes horror with world and lore building to immerse the player deeper into the experience. Purkeypile has worked very hard to make this game unique in its own way, trying to impress the player with every new creature they will have to hunt and track. The title will only offer a bow and arrow as weapons, making hunting much more fun.

The game will have different monsters to hunt, and you will have to track them using your enhanced sensory skills. Your bow will have special elemental arrows that you must pick up before starting the battle. This arrow will have to be ideal for defeating every particular enemy. The title has its own folklore, and every creature will be like an urban legend the player can become familiar with.


What are your thoughts about Purkeypile saying he will probably never return to his former studio? Are you looking forward to The Axis Unseen? Let us know in the comments below!


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