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The Boys: Questions About Starlight We Can’t Believe Nobody’s Asking

She might be one of the more intriguing and relatable characters of The Boys. But there’s a ton of questions about Starlight nobody wants to ask. So its time we do.

Why is Vought still not getting rid of her?

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Vought International is a powerful corporation. It would take the top management a few phone calls to figure out who has been continuously trying to expose them. They even sent Black Noir after her when they realized she ha taken the tracker out of her body. Most of what’s happening to Vought right now is because of Starlight. They should be working on getting rid of her, not reinstating her back as one of the Seven.

Why did she kill an innocent civilian?

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When Billy, Hughie and Annie were escaping the Sage Grove center, they tried to commandeer a car from a stranger. The situation quickly escalated with the driver trying to pull a gun on them. Starlight used the light source from the car’s headlights to ram the person into the car, killing him. From what we know about Starlight so far, we know that she has a high degree of durability. Black Noir literally smashed her into concrete pillars and she remain unscathed. Starlight is bulletproof. The guy did not need o die. Maybe she did it on purpose. Maybe Annie is a closet psychopath after all.

Is she even worthy enough to be one of the Seven?

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Starlight’s powers are tied to sources of light. Cut them off and she is an ordinary powerless person. The other members of the Seven at least are not that handicapped. Homelander and Stormfront have innate sources of power. A-Train has his speed. Even the Deep could turn the tide of battle if he was in his natural element. But Starlight has a major disadvantage to her powers. Without a source of light, she cannot do anything. It would be pretty easy to take her down. Just switch of all the lights, use a pair of night vision goggles, and a sturdy baseball bat to hit her in the head.


How does she remain unrecognizable in public?

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The other members of the Seven have fully embraced their superhero lives. It is a part of their journey now. But Starlight still intends to separate her personal and professional career. She wears a wig, breast props, and a costume when she is masquerading as a superhero. Her normal life involves a normal set of clothes like ordinary people. But here’s the catch – in both her walks of life, she never covers her face. Clark Kent at least wears glasses to conceal his identity and he is made so much fun of. Starlight does not even bother putting an effort and nobody talks about it all? That’s just hypocrisy right there.

Why does she even need to say things to her mom now?

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Starlight‘s mother is a downright evil person. She pushed her child into a very dark abyss. Subjecting a newborn to such inhuman experiments is wrong. But doing that to your own child? That is demonic. The ordeal was too much for Annie’s father to handle and that is why he left the family. When Starlight realized the truth that her mother had been hiding from her since forever, the first thing she should have done is cut off all ties to her. No one should be allowed mercy after such a heinous act. Starlight does not just continue keeping her mom around, she even confides in her about the things happening in her life. That’s a pretty strange case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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