The Boys Season 3 Might Reveal Hughie’s Mother’s Horrifying Secret


Amazon Prime’s The Boys has had some shocking turn of events in its two season run. Many villain reveals and sudden, unexpected team-ups have been seen in the show. All the characters have seen their past being explored in-depth. The Boys, a dark parody of the superhero culture, shows just how mean and bleak a world with superheroes could be. With the show ending on a mother of all plot twists, the stage is set for a third season. The explosions will be louder. The action will be high-octane and adrenaline packed. And all new characters will be introduced to keep the ship afloat.

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We believe there’s a shocking reveal that is about to happen in The Boys Season 3. Her sudden disappearance and Hughie mentioning her multiple times in the second season are signs that should not be taken lightly. Something is up. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, is gearing up the show for another mind-numbing turn of events. The truth about Hughie’s Mother will leave everybody gasping for air.

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This earth shattering theory states that Hughie’s Mother is a Supe. She has been a super-powered individual all along!!

How is it possible?

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The Boys has had ample time to explore the parent-child relationship in the show. Billy Butcher’s strained relationship with his father could be an example. Homelander and his twisted upbringing, and him trying to make amends by parenting Ryan. Kimiko, MM, Frenchie, and even Annie have had run-ins with their past. The only one who has not had a blast from the past is Hughie. In Season 2 Episode 8, Hughie finally opens up about his mom. We believe it’s not a coincidence that Hughie started talking about his mom at the very end of Season 2. There’s more to it than what meets the eye.

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Another thing to note is that in the comics, Hughie’s mother did not abandon him. Hughie’s father and mother lived in peace and harmony. So if the show took creative liberties to concoct Hughie’s parental issues into the plot, there has to be a reason behind that. Moreover the show has taken its sweet time but ultimately addressed past mysteries like the whereabouts of Becca, MM’s hatred for Vought, and why Frenchie abandoned his post letting Lamplighter kill Grace Mallory’s Children. This is no stroke of luck if Hughie is opening up about his past in the season finale. Eric Kripke has plans for this loose thread too. Hughie’s mother probably did not “leave” her son. She was probably called in by Vought. That would be one epic way to address this plot element.

What it means for The Boys Season 3?

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Hughie was last seen becoming a part of Victoria Neuman‘s Office. He is in the belly of the beast now. It is only a matter of time before he realizes what’s going on. Neuman’s truth would push Hughie to rejoining the Boys. His mom could be seen somehow connected to be a part of this secret superhero empire. But most importantly, this means great things wait Hughie.

We know that if a person is capable of surviving a Compound V injection, their descendants are also capable of doing so. Hughie’s mother being a Supe would mean Hughie could also potentially become a Supe. In the comics, the Boys use a temporary dosage of Compound V to boost their abilities. This plot thread could then be explored for Hughie. With his mother coming into the scene, Hughie and Billy Butcher would have even more animosity between them, making for some damn good television.


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We can’t wait for The Boys Season 3 now.



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